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Cruz GOP Convention Strategy LEAKED, You Won’t Believe THIS!


Ted Cruz’s strategy to win the GOP Nomination at a contested GOP Convention is moving forward. He is actively working in multiple states to get his supporters elected to fill delegate slots. Those delegates would be bound to vote for Donald Trump on a first ballot if Trump won that state – such as in Arizona. But if Trump cannot get 1,237 votes on the first ballot, they could then move to Cruz on a second ballot.

From the Washington Examiner

Sen. Ted Cruz is out-hustling Donald Trump and looks set to ensure many Arizona delegates will defect to him in a convention floor fight.

The Texas senator, who ever since Iowa has played a stealthy ground game in contrast to Trump’s chaotic populism, is taking steps to snatch the Republican presidential nomination from The Donald at the convention in July.

The New York businessman easily won last month’s Arizona primary taking 47 percent to Cruz’s 25 percent, scooping up all 58 of the state’s delegates. That’s nearly 5 percent of the 1,237 Trump needs for the nomination, and they’re tied are to him on the first ballot.

But Cruz, exploiting deep opposition to Trump among grassroots Republicans, has been far more active in Arizona than Trump, insiders say. He’s recruiting candidates for the available 55 delegate slots, that along with the other three delegate positions filled by party leaders, would be allowed to vote for him in a multi-ballot contested convention.

“Cruz, out of all the campaigns, has the most folks on the ground and has been the most organized,” Michael Noble, a Republican consultant in Arizona who is neutral, told the Washington Examiner on Friday.

“Trump has no real organization in Arizona,” added GOP strategist Sean Noble (no relation) in an email exchange.“Cruz will get most/all Arizona delegates on second ballot.” . .

So this is fair and square? No wonder Americans don’t want to participate in politics. The stench of usurping the will of the people. You have to know that the Dems will come at Cruz with both barrels if he gets the nomination. There will be lawsuit after lawsuit about his eligibility because he was born in Canada. Don’t you remember birth certificate-gate?? I know they haven’t forgotten!

Trump will most likely end up with hundreds of delegates more than anyone else. However, the Big Steal is on. The Establishment is protecting the Treasury for themselves; that is why they would give it to Hillary before they would let Trump win.

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