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Glenn Beck Has Reached Rock Bottom With This Campaign Stunt For Cruz!


I see that insane Glenn Beck is running around Utah with Sen. Ted Cruz saying these are the end times, referencing a prophecy in the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Then he talks about the Mormon end-times prophecy of how in the last days the Constitution will hang by a thread and that Cruz is the savior of the Constitution as foretold in Mormon prophecy.

Cruz does not deny he is the prophesized savior of the Constitution nor does he disavow the prerequisite to that prophecy that these are in fact the end times.

Beck’s latest stunt was beneath him in a huge way. Beck brought a fasting child on stage yesterday during his campaign speech for Ted Cruz in Utah. He declared to the Cruz crowd: “This is the priesthood rising.”


I worry little Dale will blame himself when Cruz crashes instead of the clown act going on all around him!

A vote for Cruz is a vote for Hillary. He could never win the general election. He’s too far out there and couldn’t get any crossover votes and without that vote, he can’t win. He’s also a reason for people to stay home just like they did with Romney.

Mr. Beck’s mania for the last month or so has made his program intolerable. His co-hosts seem nothing more than an echo chamber. I think I recall one of them actually saying the words “yeah, what he said.”

Ok this is the problem………. America isn’t looking for or wanting a Prophet-In-Chief, nor a Minister-In-Chief. The American people are looking for a Commander-In-Chief. Leave the religion up to each individual to decide on their own.

There is no way Cruz will win the general election like this, no way, no how. What you have here is someone playing not to the people’s emotions, but playing on them and the worst possible outcome is just over the horizon. Cruz, if he were smart, would back away from said TV host/star, but that won’t happen so sitting back and watching this show could be very damaging in the long run.

You probably couldn’t watch the entire video but let me know what you thought of the portion you did watch? What did you think of it, good or bad? Share your comments (below) and add this story to your Twitter and Facebook timeline.

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