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WOW! Is This Liberal TV Host Wrong When He Said THIS About Anti-Trump Republicans?


Slow down, big man! Talk about inciting violence.. this guy is telling people that killing Trump would be heroic.

Democrats have accused every Republican President of the last 50 years of being Hitler. Shame they are unable to come up with a new attack.

From Roland Martin:

This crisis of conscience among conservatives is just stunning as you watch this. I mean for 30 years as an adult, I’ve watch — I’ve heard Republicans say we’re principled, it’s morals, it’s values, it’s — it’s beneath our principles. And to see this struggle as how — well, what do we do that’s going against it, I mean I think about the German theologian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who chose to join the alliance and say we’re going to kill Hitler.

Here is the segment where Martin expressed these views:

Here are some tweets by Anti-Trump Republicans. Do they fall in line with Hitler assassination attempts? I do admit the might be outside the lines but in no way are they even close to Martin’s comparison.

erickson AmandaCarpenter

To me all this is — just Twitter talk. These people don’t leave their computers and cell phones to really be activists.

During the 2012 campaign, the Obama administration – Joe Biden specifically – told blacks that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, hardly far right-wing radicals, intended to put them all “BACK in chains.” (In a sane world where people are held accountable for such inflammatory language, Joe Biden would have been forced to resign immediately. “BACK IN CHAINS!” Sheesh. And people complain that *Trump* makes provocative, divisive statements?

During the 2008 Democratic primary, the Obama campaign and its boot-lickers in the media smeared Bill Clinton, of all people, as a “racist” because he had dared to criticize Obama’s inexperience and paper-thin resume. That entire primary subsequently became about one issue: Race and the Clinton’s Racism. Hillary’s previously strong support within the black community evaporated, costing her the nomination.

And, now, in 2016, the Republican front-runner and his followers, we’re told by the media and the liberals, they they’re all a bunch of racists.

Surprise. Surprise.

I wish Trump, Cruz, and the rest of the Republican Party would put this history out there whenever the media starts with the KKK/Hitler talk.

Of course Martin was out of line for making that comparison but let me pose that question to you. Do you think the anger and frustration from the Anti-Trump Republican crowd should be compared to Martin’s analysis?

H/T- ABC News/This Week

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