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After Hearing Obama Defend Hillary, I KNOW She Should Be In PRISON!

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Barack Obama made an appearance on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace to talk about a range of political issues. One of those issues was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the FBI investigation that is closing down on her day after day. If there is one thing that I got from this interview, it is that Obama stated “that there is no political influence” in the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State.

That has to be HUGE news as he publicly states the White House would not protect Hillary from trouble if it goes that way. How many of you believe this? This government has lied to us with every passing breath so it wouldn’t be above them to lie once again to cover up Clinton’s crimes.

Excerpts from Obama interview:

“Here’s what I know,” Obama told Wallace. “Hillary Clinton was an outstanding Secretary of State. She would never intentionally put America in any kind of jeopardy.”

“You were prepared to say she didn’t jeopardize,” Chris Wallace said.

“I continue to believe she has not jeopardized America’s national security,” Obama defended Clinton. “Now what I also said is that — and she’s acknowledged — that there’s a carelessness in terms of managing e-mails that she has owned. And she recognizes that. But I also think is important to keep this in perspective. This is somebody who served her country for four years as Secretary of State and did an outstanding job and no one has suggested that in some ways as a consequence of how she’s handled e-mails that that detracted from her excellent ability to carry out her duties.”

“Some people, I think, are worried whether or not the decision whether or not how to handle the was will be made on political grounds and not legal grounds. Can you guarantee to the American people? Can you direct the Justice Department to say, Hillary Clinton will be treated as the evidence goes, she’ll not be in any way protected?”

“I can guarantee,” Obama promised. “I can guarantee that not because I give Attorney General [Loretta] Lynch a directive, that is institutionally how we have always operated. I do not talk to the Attorney General about pending investigations. I do not talk to FBI directors about pending investigations. We have a strict line and always have maintained it.”

“I guarantee it. I guarantee that there is no political influence in any investigation conducted by the Justice Department or the FBI, not just in this case but in any case. Period,” Obama made clear.

Here is the full interview:

I don’t trust Barry any farther than I could throw my pickup if I had a pickup.

For the last seven years, Obama has consistently lied to the public as most politicians do. Hopefully, before it’s all done, all of them will have a real President and Justice Department not afraid to bring these political liars and cheats some real jail sentences.

What did you think of Obama’s interview? Do you think he will save Hillary before it’s over? Share your comments (below); I want to hear your opinion.