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THIS Woman Could Be America’s NEXT Vice President!


I guess I can talk about this now as Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker dropped out of the presidential race last year, but I was given information during a Tea Party rally three years ago in Texas that the Republican establishment wanted Walker as their candidate and New Mexico Gov. Susanna Martinez as the vice presidential candidate.

Even though I was not to spread that information around I did ask a few of my friends what they thought of a Walker/Martinez ticket and roughly 90% approved. They liked that Martinez was a female, Also she was a Latino, smart and proven executive with experience to lead.

Martinez is also known as the first Latino governor in the history of the United States, which is a remarkable achievement and one that needs to be celebrated. She’s got the goods, and I would support her 100% if chosen.

From Newsmax:

New York State GOP chairman Ed Cox on Sunday touted New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez as a potential vice presidential candidate Sunday during a radio talk show interview.

Martinez will be the keynote speaker at the Manhattan GOP dinner on April 14th dinner where the remaining candidates Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich will also be speaking, Cox noted on “The Cats Roundtable” on AM 970 in New York.

“Our honoree is Gov. Susana Martinez, the first Latina governor in the history of the United States, governor of New Mexico, of course [is] a potential vice presidential candidate,” Cox told host John Catsimatidis.

“She’s got a wonderful personal story, a great history as governor,” Cox said. “And having all three presidential candidates there while she delivers her keynote speech, and you’ve got them delivering their speeches.”

What do you think of this interview? Can you see supporting Martinez as a VP pick for either Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Or John Kasich? I think either one of those men would be lucky to have her backing them up in the oval office.

Now I know the speculation of the VP pick is changing every day, but this is a solid as they come. One thing that I like is that she is not part of the DC political establishment, she is truly an outsider that does not owe anyone anything. Most of you following me know that I support Trump as my presidential candidate, so I think that they would mesh well together.

Share with me what you think about Gov. Martinez (below) in our comments section. Let us know how you feel about this possible choice.