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Trump Denies Involvement In Cruz Sex Scandal…Then Drops This Bombshell!

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So many rumors and events happened over the last couple of days in regards to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, that many voters are desperately trying to find out the truth. Cruz has blamed Trump and now Trump is blaming Cruz.

On ABC News’s “This Week,” Donald Trump was asked about the sleazy SuperPAC ad that used a scantily-clad photo of his wife, Melania, to target Mormon voters in Utah. Trump said he is certain “100%” that Ted Cruz knew about the ad in advance and that he understands that it was Cruz’s campaign that bought the photo from GQ to be used in the SuperPAC ad. Trump offered no proof that Cruz’s campaign purchased the ad.

Let me also add Trump offered no proof that Cruz’s Campaign purchased the ad but it had been mentioned on Twitter all weekend long.

Trump declined to say anything negative about Cruz’s wife, Heidi though pressed by ABC News’ Jonathan Karl to detail what he meant when he said hewould “spill the beans” on Cruz’s wife if the Cruz Camp continued bringing his wife into attack ads.

In the interview, Trump also once again said he had nothing to do with the National Enquirer Sex Scandal Story on Ted Cruz. Cruz says the story is “garbage,” and blames Trump for it – though he has offered no proof to that effect.

I firmly believe Trump didn’t have anything to do with the release of the Cruz scandal because even I knew about the information for months now. Let’s just say the information about Cruz and the women were in the backrooms and would have probably been released had Cruz won the General Election.

Will Cruz apologize on national television after blaming Trump? Do you think this scandal will hurt Cruz’s campaign going forward? Share your comments (below) and give us your analysis. 

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  1. Judy says:

    Heard Rubio’s people dug it up and then when he dropped out the people decided to sell the info again. As far as picture of Trumps wife, that’s typically the kind of thing Jeff Roe is involved in, just look up other campaigns he’s ran. He is just the sleaziest kind of man. Always makes me question why someone claiming to be a Christian would hire an unethical person like Roe. Maybe not as Christian as we pretend to be??

  2. Jerry says:

    Cruz campaign Mgr responsible for posting Trumps picture on net. He can’t deny this or maybe as Lying Ted, he can.

  3. Cathy says:

    Ted is a sleazy guy, there are no two ways around it. Katrina Pierson in this last weekends bombshell interview details the duplicity of Ted and Heidi and both of their involvements in the nefarious Council of Foreign Relations, Goldman Sachs and Federal Reserve flip flops. These two are the epitome of establishment entrenchment. The gullibility of Republicans who buy the ultra conservative meme of Ted Cruz and his anti-establishment bonafides simply prove that a vast section of the American public, either those who would support Bernie or Hillary as Democrats or Republicans who put faith in the Mitt Romney or Ted Cruz are dumbed down, mindless, clueless, sheeple who’s last virtue on earth is critical thinking i.e. stupid human beings.

  4. Kathy says:

    An honest person would simply deny the allegations and demand National Enquirer to detract the story.

    Ted’s a lawyer, presumably well-informed about libel suits. Yet it took him a day to respond with his “garbage and lies” rhetoric, casting blame on Trump to reverse the negative attention, despite the Rubio connection and mass exodus of tweets about “the thing”.

    Obviously, a direct question with a simple “yes” or “no” answer would save Ted further embarrassment, and dismiss the “liar” label Ted wears. Carly’s untimely and defensive interruption, that echoed Ted’s words and labeled Trump a “philanderer” was an epic fail.

    Really Carly? You own Ted, the $500,000 is gone, so what’s in it for you … VP? I have a very good memory. Who came to your defense when you weren’t invited to the ABC hosted debate?That’s right, your boy Ted!

    Bye Bye!