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Montel Williams Angers Twitter By Calling For Oregon Militia Members To Be Shot! Check Out Their Responses!


Most of social media was watching the happenings in Oregon yesterday as an armed militia took over a government wildlife building, and at the time of this post, they were still in control of that building.

Many Twitter users made comments in regards to this siege, some stupidly comparing it to #BlackLivesMatter while others supported the cause of the members fighting on behalf of the victims.

Cue former liberal TV talk show host Montel Williams who took to Twitter on Sunday with some blunt solutions to the situation as you will see below:


The response was quick and angry from his followers. Some didn’t know where this attitude was coming from while others scolded him for making these statements from a position of not knowing the full story:

But that didn’t stop Williams! He doubled down on his ignorance with these tweets and it just further angered his followers:


But by then nobody was listening to him and their minds were made up. Check out the responses of many of his followers and read how angry they were at him for making insensitive comments:

As you can see, this is the most extensive we’ve ever gone on Twitter responses, but the they keep coming. So many are angry at Williams for the direction he is going and they won’t stand for it.

How about you? What are your feelings about Williams’ speech and racist tone? Share your thoughts below in our comment section.