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Most Expensive Fighter Ever Made… But It Can’t Even Do THIS? Seriously?

26 juli 2015, Ferryvlucht van Fort Worth AB Texas naar Eglin AB Florida. JSF F-35 met Registratie AN-1, tailnummer F001 Werd 24 juli 2015 door Lokheed Martin overgedragen aan Nederland. Om 11:07h Texaaanse tijd word de eerste JSF overgevlogen van Fort Worth AB naar Eglin AB. Foto: Ferry vlucht van Nederlands eerste JSF met Nederlandse F-16

It’s called the F-35, and it’s the most expensive fighter plane ever made. Uncle Sam picked up the tab on the promise that it would be the “next generation” fighter jet guaranteed to maintain America’s air superiority.

So if you’re a fan of our military, or hate to see taxpayers’ money go to waste… you may want to look away now.

Military blogs exploded this week with the news that previously classified reports show the F-35 got licked when it went up against the F-16 in a simulated dogfight.

The F-16, don’t forget, was first manufactured when Richard Nixon was in the White House.

An anonymous pilot, who tested the F-35 in January, says the new, TRILLION DOLLAR aircraft has a poor pitch rate, an energy deficit, and a helmet that makes it tough to look backwards.

The F-35 just couldn’t keep up with the old, trusted F-16, which actually weighed more than the new, fancy-pants aircraft.

As the news broke, the Joint Program Office for the F-35 issued a statement saying that the intent of the fighter is to destroy threats before a close-range dogfight is needed.

So yeah, take that as confirmation that YOUR trillion bucks has bought a plane that can’t handle a dogfight.

What is your opinion of the new F-35 fighter? Is it a wise investment of your money? Let us know below:

H/T: popularmechanics.com



  1. MarieMax says:

    So you are asking people (the general public if this is a wise investment…. I dont claim to be a subject matter expert BUT: I do know this fighter is designed to be super fuel efficient hence the power deficit. It was made to be stealth and has Tech to be used as a stand-off weapon. But why ask people who are not educated in this field about this. That is like you asking an automotive mechanic what type of bone saw is the best buy for a trauma surgeon.

  2. Jac says:

    I’m sorry but the F-16 and the F-35 should have different designation and not meant to go up against each other.
    I believe the F-35 has a VSTOL designation more so than a fighter.I would put up the h
    Harrier against it not the F-16
    Its main purpose close air support not dog fighting

  3. John says:

    Just GREAT! More of our taxpayer $ wasted on crap! What good is an A/C that can’t hold it’s own in a dogfight? The bad guys don’t always give advance notice before they start. And what about a missle attack against the F-35? Poor performance could spell disaster for pilot and plane.

  4. Mel says:

    And it has a gun that won’t work for several more years