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A Mother and Daughter Are “Too Heavy to Work” – And There’s Something They Want YOU to Know


A British mother and daughter pair who receive thousands in disabilities because of their extreme weight, both claim they are too happy to diet. In fact, they are PROUD of how they look, and are thrilled to remain heavy while British taxpayers support their every need.

Janice Manzur, 44, and her daughter Amber, 25, use mobility scooters as their weight means they struggle to get around, while Janice’s home in Kirkcaldy, Fife, has been modified by the council to accommodate her disability.

Mother-of-two Janice has been claiming benefits since 2006, while her daughter has not worked for more than two years.
Together they reportedly receive around £33,600 in benefits a year, which is the equivalent of someone earning £46,000 a year before tax.

But the pair have no plans to diet, and say they are happy being overweight, despite the risks of obesity-related health issues.

‘I’d rather my daughter live life on benefits being fat and happy than depressed and thin,’ Janice, who weighs 26st, told The Sun’s Jenny Francis.

As well as her scooter, Janice gets around in a wheelchair-accessible Fiat Qubo car, worth around £15,000, which she gets £200 a month in benefits for.

There is a disabled parking bay outside her home and a ramp has been placed outside her house, making it easier for her to access.

She is living with a number of weight-related conditions, including diabetes, high cholesterol and angina, according to the newspaper.

She says she has tried to lose weight in the past, but was unable to shift the pounds and when she asked a doctor about the possibility of having weight loss surgery, such as a gastric band, was told she was too overweight. She then decided to give up attempts to diet.

She was working as a manager in a call centre, but left because of weight-related health problems.

After winning a tribunal case where it was argued she could work if she lost weight, she now receives £620 in Employment Allowance and £320 in Disability Allowance every month, as well as £300 for rent.

‘I’ve always been big and I’m too fat to work, so I have a genuine disability. I should be miserable but I’m happy. I know this is the way I’m meant to be.’

via The Daily Mail

Is this sort of weight problem a disability… When they are both actively choosing to overeat and refuse the medical care which could improve their health?

It looks like the same Obama-entitlement mentality in America exists on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. What do you think?


Comments on “A Mother and Daughter Are “Too Heavy to Work” – And There’s Something They Want YOU to Know”

  1. Cherie says:

    She is making excuses. I too was overweight but I made that decision myself and frankly I do not expect anyone or government to support me. It is a disability but a disability brought on by self not anything else. Being fat is a choice. I made the choice not to be fat anymore and made myself become disciplined. No it is not easy but anything worthwhile is not easy, it is work. But it has paid off and NEVER will I go back to being lazy. She is LAZY and wants everyone to give to her. She needs to stop making excuses, the only reason she did not lose weight is because she did not want to work at it and wants the lazy way. She can’t tell me I don’t understand, I do and that is why I can call her lazy. Why is the government enabling her and her daughter????? IF anything they need to make her see specialists to lose weight and become a productive member of society. If she fails (and she makes the decision to become successful or fail no one else) then tough luck and you are on your own. There are many people who seriously need the financial help that deserve it… She is a parasite and the government is feeding her (excuse the pun). I am just telling it like it is.