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Mr. T Is NO LIBERAL! What He Says About God Will Have You Standing Up to Cheer!

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Mr. T, legendary actor for the A-Team and Rocky III, known for his trademark mohawk and extensive gold chain collection, recently admitted in an interview that he is strongly guided by conservative values.

The interview which, surprisingly enough aired at the Huffington Post, features Mr. T singing the praises of such conservative mainstays as responsibility for one’s actions, work ethic, thanks to God, and love of family.

Via MRC:

Mr. T repeatedly thanked his family for teaching him responsibility for his actions. “If I loved my mother, I couldn’t do that, going to jail. My momma didn’t clean up floors so I could be a thug … so I could wear my pants down.”

He also echoed another value that came from his mother and drove his work ethic: “’Son, if you want something, you work hard for it. Save your money and get it.’”

Mr. T thanked God for his early success and donations to his church and philanthropic causes. “That’s God. When you give, it comes back to you…Why am I here? I’m not lucky. That’s God.” His testimony to charity, the central principle of Christianity, resonated many times over.

The interviewer asked Mr. T if he had a moment when he became Christian. To this he responded with his typical vigor, “I always was a Christian …whatsoever a man thinks in his heart is who he is.”

On surviving T-cell lymphoma, he once more thanked God. “I got cancer. My money couldn’t save me. My gold couldn’t save me…That’s God.”

Mr. T also happens to be a veteran having served in the United States Army.

Watch an incredibly refreshing segment from the interview below (Mr. T is still as intense as he’s ever been):

The entire interview with Marc Lamont Hill can be seen here.

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Comments on “Mr. T Is NO LIBERAL! What He Says About God Will Have You Standing Up to Cheer!”

  1. Virginia says:

    Happy to know that He knows who Jesus is. Love Always!