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MSNBC Host Asks Clinton Supporter: Are You Reading the Same Report We Are?


David Brock, a far left-wing Media Matters loon masquerading as a journalist, appeared on Morning Joe Wednesday and gave such a perplexing defense of the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal, that it left one of the hosts wondering what planet she was on.

Brock is a staunch supporter of Clinton, and just recently resigned from a Clinton PAC – Priorities USA Action.

Brock defended Mrs. Clinton’s actions in using a personal e-mail during her entire tenure as Secretary of State, by not even addressing her actions, but rather focusing on one statement from one source.

Meanwhile, at least one legal analyst believes she could be charged with a crime if any of those communications contained classified information.

Brock contends however, that one source named in the report said no laws were violated, something that neither the source nor Brock have legal knowledge to proclaim, and something that doesn’t close the case on the personal e-mail scandal.

The argument led Mika Brzezinski to state, “I’m not sure what planet I’m on right now” and ask “Are you reading the same report we are?”

Via Mediaite:

“The 2009 law you’re referring to isn’t even cited in the New York Times,” Brock said. “It’s such sloppy journalism you don’t know what regulations the reporter’s talking about…There was no violation of law here whatsoever, and nobody that I can see is saying that except the New York Times.”

Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward called this a “non-denial denial.”

When Brock again denied that “any legal authority” had said Clinton’s actions were illegal, Brzezinski broke in: “I’m not sure what planet you’re on right now. Are you reading the same thing we’re reading?” Brock replied that the State Department said yesterday that the emails were archived under a regular process.

Watch the entire battle below …

It’s pretty bad when MSNBC has to question your defense of Hillary Clinton, asking if you’re even on the same planet as the rest of us.

What did you think of the interview?