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MSNBC Host to Hillary: How Stupid Do You Think We Are?


MSNBC host Joe Scarborough isn’t buying Hillary Clinton’s explanation for the personal e-mail scandal that currently plagues her, asking “how stupid do they think we are?”

With all due respect Mr. Scarborough, Clinton hails from the same administration that was recently caught working with a man who bragged about getting Obamacare passed because of the ‘stupidity of the American voter.’

It’s quite clear, the Clintons, the White House, and Democrats in general believe the American voter is stupid.

So the fact that Hillary put out a statement (tweet) that Scarborough describes as “insulting” and “absolute nonsense” is no surprise.

Here’s the tweet, which Scarborough helpfully explains is absurd because she hosted the e-mails on her own private server.  She’s actually asking the State Department to release something she has exclusive access to.

Via the Daily Caller:

“The statement that she put out last night, the tweet, such absolute nonsense, insulting the intelligence of everybody saying ‘I am asking the State Department to release my e-mails,’” Scarborough said. “They don’t have them! She has them! They have 55,000 emails that she and her staff parsed through and decided to give to them and she’s saying to the State Department, ‘I am asking you.’”

“That’s like me telling you, ‘Willie [Geist], I am asking you to release my son from captivity. You don’t have him! I got him!” Scarborough exclaimed. “I mean, how stupid — and this is a question I have asked of the Clintons since 1992: How stupid do they think we are?”

“How stupid do they think we are?” he asked again.

Scarborough explains that the worst thing about the Monica Lewinsky scandal during Bill Clinton’s presidency was that it was actually the least egregious violation during that time.

He surmises that during that time, the press was so focused on the Lewinsky affair that real scandals were swept under the rug, leading the Clintons to determine that the American people were just too stupid to hold them accountable.

Watch Scarborough go off …

So what do you think readers? Do the Clintons believe we’re all just stupid Americans?