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MSNBC Host: “My White Mother Had Black Motheritis”

During a discussion over the racially charged events in St. Louis over the weekend, MSNBC host Ronan Farrow claimed that he could relate to the problems of black men because his “white mother had black motheritis.”

Jonathan Capehart appeared on Farrow’s show to discuss the Michael Brown shooting and subsequent violence in the streets, claiming that ‘black Americans are under siege.’

Capehart explained that growing up, his mother taught him things that a black man simply can’t do in America.

“Don’t run in public. Don’t run with anything in your hands. Keep a discreet distance away from white women, lest you get accused of any number of things. So if there is — if anyone is under siege, I would say it would be African-Americans, and African-American men in particular.”

For some reason Farrow, who is this white –


– took the whole concept of ‘blacks under siege’ personally, saying that he could relate.

Via the Free Beacon:

“You know, it resonates so much for me on a personal level,” Farrow interjected, “because I grew up with a black brother–and people talk about this term, ‘black motheritis’. Black mothers fearing exactly what you’re talking about. My white mother had black motheritis.”

Farrow explained: “My brother was a big black guy, and he’d run in the supermarket as a young teenager and she would say ‘You can’t do that.’ That he had to dress in a different way from me because there were all these fears about maybe violence against him if he went across the street in a hoodie, if he went across the street looking a certain way.”

Watch below…

Farrow’s mother is actress Mia Farrow, who has 14 adopted and biological children.


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