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WATCH: MSNBC Political Expert Just Drop-kicked Barack Obama and Democrats

MSNBC is a 24-hour pro-Barack Obama propaganda news channel. So, imagine the audience’s surprise when Chuck Todd, NBC’s Chief Political Correspondent who just took over the hosting spot on “Meet the Press,” gave a scathing assessment of President Barack Obama and the pathetic prospects Democrats have during the 2014 election.

Watch (above) as Todd explains how high the stakes are for tonight’s speech about the Islamic State (ISIS). Then, Todd, compares Obama to former President Jimmy Carter… which is never a flattering comparison.

This is very similar to what The Washington Post recently opined

He will address the nation at a time of record or ­near-record lows in public assessments of his performance. Only 43 percent of Americans say he is a strong leader, the lowest reading since he entered the White House. Just over half the country says his presidency has been a failure.

Watch how sad the hosts are when Todd gives his grim assessment. It is priceless!


Comments on “WATCH: MSNBC Political Expert Just Drop-kicked Barack Obama and Democrats”

  1. Bill says:

    saw chuck last night with the fawning Charley Rose
    Chuck was constantly saying
    I think what Obama meant was….
    I think what Obama means is…
    I think Obama feels…..
    Obama would like to….
    he is s so far left he channels Barry Sotero
    he is as far left as monkey boy Gregory