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BREAKING: Multiple Cops Shot At In This MAJOR CITY!!

police shooting

We are just learning that 5 people have been arrested after opening fire on police in Southeast Washington, D.C. early Tuesday morning.

This latest attack comes less than one week after 5 Dallas police were murdered in cold blood by a man who professed his desire to kill white police officers, and many believe he was inspired by Black Lives Matter.

From NBC Washington:

Five people have been arrested after they opened fire on police in Southeast Washington Tuesday morning.

Police say a shot spotter detected gunfire in the area of Alabama Avenue and 6th Street SE at about midnight.

When officers arrived at the scene, several people inside an SUV immediately began shooting at the officers. The officers returned fire and demanded the suspects get out of the vehicle.

Police say the suspects refused to get out of the SUV, and police began to negotiate with them. After about 30 minutes, the suspects surrendered.

Two men and three women were taken into custody.

Police say the suspects may have been involved in a crime that happened just prior to their encounter with police.

No injuries were reported.

This is a breaking news story so please stay with Headline Politics for any updates.



  1. Bill-B says:

    It’s time to treat the Black Lives Matter participants like the criminals they are. Any one participating in any BLM movements need to be arrested and charge with attempted murder or at the very least inciting a riot. Enough is enough. Stop this from escalating.

  2. Ted says:

    Why do you post news as BREAKING when its 3 days old or more after even a day its old news and nobody cares–

  3. Kathleen says:

    I agree with Brian and Juan, this violence is all being blamed on racism and it is not the case , It is ISIS playing it so it looks like that is the issue therefore creating more violence.. Guard our borders, Anyone who does not agree with out countries rules, the ones we used to have, need to be removed or go back to their country.. It’s either their way or no way. We have been giving them the best , money, good jobs, time off to pray… Stop the Nonsense…. Take care of our people in our country… I worry more about a terrorist attack then a tornado…#shameful

  4. Adrian says:

    I am insulted with the “THIS” tease. Cancel my subscription.

  5. Debra says:

    It is time to eradicate this group! BLM is no different than ISIS, it is time to outlaw this group and to eradicate them. It is time for this POTUS to step down from the White House! Time for a leader that will eradicate this group instead of praise them!

  6. Brian says:

    If these continuing attacks prove to be committed by Black Lives Matter activists, they should be declared a Terrorist group and eradicated and Murdrer by ambush is not any way to settle any sort of dispute; especially when there are many millions of saner blacks and whites willing and able to cooperate to make the world a better place for all, We have enough terrorism threat from Islamics and others. We do not need MORE! In the end we ALL know who is responsible for this promoted racial divisiveness and it is neither blacks or whites; you ALL know who is responsible and accountable but they will NEVER be held so until possibly AFTER the election, IF EVER!

    1. Juan Two Three says:

      Agreed Brian! And what should we do with terrorists who want to harm the United States? Shoot the bastards and if they unfortunately live, throw them in GITMO!

    2. Gunflint says:

      Calling BLM terrorists ? .I call them a product of a black president that can’t/won’t even mention the word Islamic Terrorists..A president that could demand the violence against the Police stopped immediately. A president that could assign special teams to hunt down these domestic killers. We just need a real President.