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Bono Issues Dire Warning About Refugee Crisis Coming To America!


Bono, world-renounced lead singer of the band U2, has a strong warning for America about the ongoing refuge crisis that is crippling much of Europe.

Bono, who frequently injects himself into global and political affairs, made his comments on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Tuesday.

From Breitbart:

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Bono, the lead vocalist of rock band U2, offered warning about the refugee crisis taking place due to turmoil in the Middle East and in Africa.

Bono told “Morning Joe” this crisis threatens the existence of Europe and could be a hurdle for the next president of the United States to overcome.

“What I learned from my trip along the border of Somalia and these camps along the borders of Syria saying – but what I learned from that trip with a lot of this work to get undone and furthermore, that it threatens the very existence of Europe. And that a big thing to lay on you at breakfast, and I know it’s not on the front page of the news here. But the refugee crisis places an existential threat on European unity.”

“I wish I had better news to report and I think it’s something to get ahead of,” Bono added. “I know there’s election fever and I can see why people are getting carried away. But the next president might spend his first term not just putting out fires, but forest fires if you don’t get on top of this.”

Given Bono’s strong warning, the question that must be asked is how should America deal with the impending migrant crisis so we do not become Europe? Should the United States ramp up its vetting process of migrants, or issue a complete ban until a proper system can be set up?

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