Speaking to Paris Match magazine, Celine, 48, said: ‘Rene wanted to die in my arms but, alas, I was singing that night. He must have wanted to get up and he fell on the floor. ‘Normally, after my show when he had taken his last medications, I gave him a kiss, tucking him in and sent him off to sleep. ‘That evening I didn’t want to wake him. It was the nurse who found him the next day. Distraught, she came to find me. I went into the room.’

Celine said that she was ‘haunted’ by the thought that he may have injured himself when he fell. However, after a doctor confirmed that he had obtained no broken bones, bleeding or fractures, Celine said that she was finally at peace with his death and even told medics that she was happy he wouldn’t suffer any more.  The My Heart Will Go On singer said that she wanted to prove to her children that she was strong and do her husband proud by following his mantra of ‘the show must go on’.

And Celine was rewarded for her efforts at Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards, as her son made a surprise appearance on stage to present her with the Icon award.    The 48-year-old made her first televised singing performance since the death of her husband, Rene Angelil, and her brother in January. In a poignant move, she performed a cover of his favourite song, Queen’s The Show Must Go On.

And moments later her eldest son René-Charles, 15, emerged on stage with her award. (She also has twins Nelson and Eddy, 5.). She was overcome with emotion as the crowd gave her a standing ovation and she apologized to the audience for crying. Many audience members were also reduced to tears during the moment. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry for crying. I want to be so strong for my family and kids,’ she told the crowd. ‘I don’t want to cry in front of you,’ she then said to her son.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dion and her entire family during this trying time!