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Music Legend Ozzy Osbourne Just Received TRAGIC NEWS!


Ozzy Osbourne, aka the “Prince of Darkness” and former lead singer of the group Black Sabbath is reportedly splitting with his wife Sharon Osbourne of 33 years.

According to media reports, the separation was caused by Ozzy’s alleged infidelity with a younger hairstylist.

From Fox News:

Ozzy — aka “the Prince of Darkness” and former lead singer of the group Black Sabbath — has recently been living in a Southern California hotel, The Sun said. “Sharon went ballistic with Ozzy and accused him of having the affair” with 45-year-old celebrity stylist Michelle Pugh, said a source close to the couple.

“[Sharon] said she had suspected something had been going on for some time and now had proof.” Ozzy, 67, and Sharon, 63, have teetered on the brink of divorce for years. In 2013, she opened up about Ozzy’s substance abuse on the CBS daytime show “The Talk,” which she helps host.

“Everybody knows he’s been struggling with this his entire life. I never knew he was using prescription drugs,” Sharon said. “I knew he was drinking occasionally, but I didn’t realize the extent.” In 2014, things apparently came to a head when Ozzy finally began trying to tackle his booze and drug issues. In an interview at the time, Sharon recalled a nasty spat they had July 4 of that year — their 32nd wedding anniversary -— which nearly brought them to a permanent split.

“I would never have imagined our anniversary would be the start of one of the worst periods in our marriage,” she told the Daily Mail. “I thought, ‘I can’t carry this anymore. It’s what I have always done and I’m tired.’ I said, ‘I want a divorce.’” But the couple stayed together — and even now, some sources close to them say there’s still a chance they’ll reconcile.

It’s “sort of true” they’ve broken up, but “he’ll be back,” a source told People magazine. Reps for Sharon and Ozzy couldn’t be immediately reached for comment.

It’s rare for a couple in Hollywood to last as long as Ozzy and his wife did so the news of their split is truly unfortunate. Share your thoughts about Ozzy and his wife below!



  1. John says:

    Ozzy Osbourne has had a lot of self inflicted strange behaviours and he is always at fault.
    Black Sabbath is a nearly dead band since drummer Bill Ward left and it was Sharon who kicked him out of the contract he was hoping to sign with the rest of the band members to keep with black Sabbath but also noted health issues spelled his demise and that closed his career out.
    As anyone will see it the entire band will be gone by the year of 2018.
    All of them will retire to private life in the UK.

  2. JUNE says:

    Being as eccentric as they are, I’m not surprised. I am surprised, however that they’ve been married 33 years! With that being said, I hope he comes to his senses. Drugs and alcohol just do not mix; I know of others who have done the same thing, and it’s has had a negative impact on their lives. Perhaps some counseling can keep this marriage together.