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I Can’t Believe What THIS MUSLIM CEO Did To His Employees!


Hamdi Ulukaya, a Muslim immigrant and CEO of the billion-dollar Chobani yogurt company, just did something AMAZING for his employees!

Ulukaya just offered ALL of his 2,000 full-time employees at 10% stake in his company. This is GREAT!

From Ilmfeed:

Ulukaya founded the company which sells Greek yogurt in 2005 and it has rapidly grown in the last 10 years.

The company has been valued between $3-5 billion which means the average payout for each employee will be $150,000 with some employees potentially receiving shares worth over $1 million.

In a letter to his employees, Ulukaya wrote:

“My dream, from day one, was to share our success with this entire family—for us all to have a stake in our future, working together to grow Chobani and furthering our mission as a modern food company,”

Ulukaya has employed a diverse range of staff including refugees fleeing war. In 2014 Ulukaya pledged to donate $2 million to provide immediate relief for those being persecuted in Iraq and Syria.

This just goes to show despite the anti-immigrant rhetoric being spread by some politicians, people like Ulukaya are making a positive contribution to American society, both economically and to people’s lives.

Do you wish you worked for a company like Chobani? Share your thoughts on this awesome CEO below!