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Muslim Student Compares HAMAS to America, and This Professor Puts Her in Her Place (WATCH)

If you want to see the most severe examples of hated toward Jews, look no further than your local colleges and university. Watch (above) as one young fool asks Professor David Horowitz if terrorists organizations such as ISIS and Hamas – which often fight without uniforms – are the same as the American patriots who fought under General George Washington’s leadership.

She attacks the Puritans who lived in the original American colonies as religious extremists, and brought up tired cliches about the Salem witch trials. But the difference here is, people were leaving England to escape religious oppression and they ran tolerant societies. Not the same can be said for Hamas.

Plus, the principles for what the Revolutionary Army was fighting for – even while sometimes dressed in camouflage – are morally superior to radical Islamic extremists. However, students are taught that such judgement can never be made, which is why they are lead to make such INSANE arguments.

Do you support what David Horowitz said to this Muslim student? Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think.



  1. Bob says:

    She might have a minuscule point . . . maybe the size of a fleas brain . . . The revolutionary war was a conflict between two countries, the one created by our founding fathers “the United States of ;America” vs Great Britain – both sides were nation states and were contesting their battles on the field of war. But today Hammas, ISIS, Al-Qaeda. etc are not soldiers of a nation state and do not wear any type of uniforms. They do not fight a nation state they spread terrorism in their own homelands toward their own countryman. BIG DIFFERENCE – the might be called revolutionaries if they were protesting agains their government’s policies, but they appear to be primarily against the “Great Satan” (The USA), or the (Lesser Satan). the USSR/Russia. . . . . kinda destroys here argument doesn’t it??????

  2. Michael says:

    If this is a student, she has some significant challenges ahead to graduate. Luckily, Arby’s remains a large organization…

  3. Shear'Ree says:

    I Absolutely stand by rikosha comment, in this form, dated August, 8, 2015 at 7:55am… The USA was founded on religious freedom. The Islamic terrorists kill all who don’t believe in their religion. The Americans did wear uniforms except in the first months of the war. As soon as Washington became Commander in Chief he ordered all soldiers to wear uniforms. Modern Islamic terrorism has been going on for decades without uniforms. This young women is a moron.

  4. Tammy says:

    I agree there are different degrees of awful and atrocities committed in most religions. How awful we rate them are subjective depending on which side we are debating from. I am sure some religions view Americans as sadistic capitalists. Depends on who is writing the news.

  5. Wesley says:

    Rikosha & Jimmy,
    You both are dead on target with your assessment of the morons statement.

  6. rikosha says:

    The USA was founded on religious freedom. The Islamic terrorists kill all who don’t believe in their religion. The Americans did wear uniforms except in the first months of the war. As soon as Washington became Commander in Chief he ordered all soldiers to wear uniforms. Modern Islamic terrorism has been going on for decades without uniforms. This young women is a moron.

  7. Jimmy says:

    This is the kind of person who voted for Obama.
    It’s very discouraging to see that these are the kind of People coming out of our Colleges and Universities…She is very opinionated but ignorant of the facts.
    These are the kind of weak minded People that the radical extremist have brainwashed.

  8. Celia says:

    I agree 100% with what Brian posted. Can’t say it any better!

  9. Ruben says:

    That professor is none other then David Horowitzs founder of the website http://discoverthenetworks.org/ which has the most comprehensive information about the left. He is dedicated to defeating them.

  10. Kent says:

    I certainly agree with Horowitz but I do wish he would have taken 2 minutes maybe 3 even to logically and clearly and patiently tear down her logic. We now have a potentially viral video, that yes, does say the founders were not trying to annihilate people groups, but he did not rescue the puritans. Frankly I don’t know how to counter her arguments completely and would love to have been instructed here rather than him waiving her off. Address the loonies with patience, not to convince or change them but for the other folk in the audience less well informed. Missed opportunity sir.

  11. John says:

    Islam in a man is like Rabies in a dog!!!

  12. Brian says:

    Look I I do not want to give her more credibility in her credence .I was brought up to be tolerable and she certainly has the right to her own opinion .Thankfully for her sake she voiced her opinion here in the United States of America Land of the free and home to the brave Humbly I say “Thank You ” to all those brave enough to fight for that freedom. Should she have shared her insight her obvious naive opinions that our Forefathers,The Minutemen , and their Allies are anything similar to the brutal cowards that beheaded innocent civilians for shock awe . Well, if she said those words in Syria or Afghanistan or maybe in parts of Iraq. well…. those might be the last words she ever said as they oft her precious life in public to show just how much power they wield . Kudos to shutting down such malicious propaganda .

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t understand conflating this idiocy–a complete lack of understanding of history–and liberalism. There are Democrats and liberals who do know history and who would never confuse religious extremists and terrorists with the founders of the United States. I’m not sure this woman even knows she’s lumping together the Puritans of the early 1600s with the founders of the late 1700s. More than 150 years between the two . . .

  14. Anthony says:

    very simply put yes our for fathers fought not in uniforms there were called miltia they also didn’t target men women and children they attacked and fought the English for her to stand there and compare them to terrorist groups is stupid maybe she should have spent her time in school learning the difference.. also near the end of the war with England they started to wear uniforms.. the English how ever did kill men women and children that they felt were against them and to try to scare people into not fighting them

  15. Margaret says:

    There’s one answer for her and she doesn’t know him. She’s headed down the wrong path. Professor did a great job!! Having her sit down was the best thing. I will pray for her.

  16. Brian says:

    No other faith espouses only 3 choices for all non-members as Islam under Sharia does: Those are Conversion, Enslavement or Death. Some choices, huh? the greatest mistake we in this country are making as they have in Europe, is accepting these barbarians here and allowing them to use the freedoms not available in their countries of origin to defeat us from within as the inimical enemies they truly are: Only a fool blind, deaf and dumb; could fail to discern the true threat but THAT is all we have in our GOVERNMENT!

  17. Randy says:

    that’s pretty much what they teach in the basics today in our public schools. I read my daughter’s history book her Sr yr, 2009 and what they are teaching today is a sin. Our forefathers are called terrorists that worked out for the better. They use fancier words, but the impression left makes one ill.

  18. daRock says:

    One wise and understanding professor.

  19. Sue Anne says:

    Wow is she stupid and I hate that word!!!!!!

  20. Steven says:

    Here entire slant is so bizarre and completely inaccurate. The Puritans do not qualify as the “Founding Fathers” of our nation… not in any text book. Furthermore, the ideologies of the Puritans faded away as the “Founding Fathers” of our nation pursued a course of democracy that allowed for tolerance. Beyond that, what do the Puritans have to do with rebellion against the British? What a moron. History 101 would do her good…. so long as she actually went to class without a Quran in her hand.

  21. Andrew says:

    And Im proud to be an American where at least I know Im free… How do college students get so fuking stupid… she couldn’t even speak a full sentence… like, right…

  22. Jesus says:

    Is this the product of UCSD? As a taxpayer I feel I’ve been seriously shortchanged. I want my money back!

  23. Nick says:

    Eh i agree she is misguided but lets be clear our education system led her there. Im glad she raised questions we as a country need that our ideology basically demands that we question these things. And its good she was tought a lesson.. this shouldnt be seen as negative but rather a positive that this nation hasnt always been smoke and mirrors and propoganda if this makes citezins pine for the days this country stood like a beacon of hope rather than a paranoid mental patient off its meds this is exactly what we need. Keep doubting and maybe the govt will attempt to prove the misguided wrong

  24. Lawrence says:

    He did alright putting her down gently.
    But she was totally ignorant of the facts and there really is no comparison betweent the Revolutionary war and what Hamas/ Isis/ ISIL is doing.
    This off our founding fathers had a congressional army and we the people had a militia. Often the malitia did not had uniforms . Because they were citizens called to duty in defense of the newly forming country. The foudning fathers and they people of that time left england and Europe to get away from religious persecution. Some were puratin and many were of other faiths. She chose puritans as her argument because of the Salem Witch trails. A sad dark period of a very short duration during our history, but that was about morality and not about execution anyone who did not agree with them. Most practice religious tolerant unlike the terrorists that call themselves ISIS / Hamas / ISIL/ Al’quada.
    Religious genocide is completely different.

  25. Blues says:

    Deport them all

  26. Cheryl says:

    She obviously doesn’t take into account that the founding fathers were fighting FOR their own country, not attacking other countries or their own citizens. NO comparison…

  27. Paul says:

    the left does not realize it yet but they have been infiltrated by the muslum brotherhood as well as been totally manipulated by them as well. they do not wish to believe this statement of mine is true. but with time they shall see how bad they have been infiltrated and by the it may be to late to save the country ! not to mention the western world !

  28. Suzie says:

    Like huh your are insidious girl. If you are so upset with our founding fathers you are FREE to leave the US at any time. Right? How dare you. I hope we are not paying for your education, I hope you are because you have not learned one thing. You are just spouting out Islamic crap. Open mouth insert feet!
    YAY for the Professor!

  29. H says:

    She seems nervous, unsure and not well informed. I m am not a leftist nor a right wing person. I don’t believe the people back in those days were tolerant. Look at the near extermination of the Native Americans, the abuse and racism that they suffered and so did the African Americans and Asians who lived in the country, back then. Not to say that it was all evil and everyone was corrupt, there were exceptions just as there are today. Religions at their core preache on love and tolerance, respect, mainly. There are extremists everywhere, including North America. Look at good and the bad, that often outweighs the good, that capitalism has brought and I do think she s not too sure what she s talking about but, I do think the “proffesor” is somewhat ignorant and history as it was and as it is denied, much too often.

  30. samiannie says:

    No you stupid little jerk, our military had uniforms. Do your homework before you open your silly mouth. You are repeating what some silly professor fed you, and you didn’t have the intellectual curiosity to research facts.
    Another thing if things are so bad here, no one is keeping you here the door is open, go join ISIS, and good riddance.

  31. Clifford says:

    Well, one thing you can say for her is that she has set a record for the usage of the word “like”!

    Context is of no importance to the liberal left unless it applies to one of their pet issues.

  32. Evelyn says:

    I LOVE how he put her down. She apparently has been in classes with very liberal professors who have warped her already dense mind. He did a great job.

  33. Ruth says:

    The student just showed how stupid she is about religion both Christianity and Islam….Not to mention the fact she knows absolutely nothing about the Bible..She does not know the history of Islam, Christianity or the Bible..She also is evidently dead in the head about current events today too..She will make a good democrat..

  34. Matt says:

    Here’s another difference. Our colonial army attacked TROOPS, Redcoats, Military targets.
    ISIS, Hamas, and other islam terror groups attack anyone who is not muslim including schools, shopping malls, civilians, etc. FAIL.

    Also, you cannot base your arguments on some facts here and some facts there. You can’t take puritans +founding fathers + American independence and wrap them together in one argument. That’s like saying well Japan was allied with Nazi Germany so sumo wrestlers hate jews.

  35. David says:

    November 7, 2014 at 9:41 pm
    This “Girl” that has not even lived long enough to even understand or even explain anything as a fact! She is an idiot..

  36. David says:

    This “Girl” that has not even lived long enough to even understand or even explain anything as a fact! She is an idiot..

  37. John says:

    It is a shame we have so many people going to school that speak as she does. She uses the word “like” many, many times without a comparison. Insidious is used incorrectly and the word combatants is misused. I believe the professor knows this but wasn’t going to address her misuses. As far as her comparing early America with HAMAS, the professor was right on the money.

  38. Peter says:

    Founding Fathers did not massacre civilians, they destroyed property but did not kill whole groups of civilians. The Puritans were not the founders directly. Plymouth Rock was landed at 1620-1621 The American revolution was started in 1776. The Salem Witch Trails ended 1693. Again the dates show that the Founders were not responsible for the actions committed previous to their rule. As far as linking the Founding Fathers to HAMAS remember most of the men who signed the Constitution into law were Colonels and Generals of the uniformed revolutionary army. Americans engaged in guerilla style warfare also did not attack civilian targets they targeted uniformed soldiers.

  39. Mack says:

    our founding fathers was fighting to give birth to a new nation they were tired of England taxing them on many things and they had no control on how high the taxes was the reason they didn’t have uniforms was because no one thought of it till later and they fought back the best way they could but you can not compare them to Terrorist because of many reason but it was the tactic’s they used to win the war we was seeking freedom of religion not freedom from religion but I think her idea is not a good one and as far as gorilla tactics we learned that in places like Korea and Vietnam but not sure where she got her ideas from

  40. Denise says:

    She’s an idiot.

  41. Theodore says:

    Between all the “right…. right?” and “so.. like.. you know… right…. like I’m saying…”

    This is the California version of Jersey Shore.

  42. Steve says:

    Moral equivalency is BS here. I can’t think of any other religion in the world that teaches world domination and subjugation of people who refuse to submit the evil ideology.

    1. Theresa says:

      Steve, you are exactly right

  43. isaac says:

    There is no comparison of 200 years to now. Then compare then Islamists to then Revolutionaries; and the Islamists are still th more violent.Those revolutionaries did not target innocent people not involved in battle.The terrorists are like the Chicagoo gangsters who ruled human behavior thru intimidation.

  44. Isaac says:

    There are 200 years that separated what is happening today. America and Europeans were more tolerant in the 1600’s -1800’s than muslims were. The Conquest Of spain and Italy; The terrorism along the mediteranian that captured slaves to man the Galley ships; Where the average lfe span of a captured European slabe was 2.5 years. That the muslims capture over a million European slaves during that time. The GEnetically modified African slaves are another srory. You need to return to pre 600ad to a more critical tim.