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Muslim Woman Who Claimed Pro-Trump Hate Crime ARRESTED For…

Within a week of Donald Trump’s victory, a new media narrative emerged: there’s a wave of hate crimes committed in “Donald Trump’s America”!

I’d really love to see a liberal try to explain the thought process here behind those who are allegedly committing such crimes. Are we supposed to believe that racists saw Trump’s victory, decided “the laws no longer apply to me,” and went out and started assaulting people? Seems a bit unlikely, don’t you think?

For over a year, we’ve seen countless footage of Trump supporters being assaulted, yet when have we seen the reverse? There’s a reason the countless alleged pro-Trump hate crimes are reported no where else but on Twitter and Facebook… because the overwhelming majority are fake.

An 18-year-old college student who claimed she was verbally and physically harassed by a group of white, male Trump supporters earlier this month has been arrested and charged with filing a false report. NBC New York reports: Yasmin Seweid, 18, was charged with filing a false report after she told authorities three men called her a terrorist and chanted “Donald Trump” at her aboard the 23rd Street 4/5/6 subway station on Dec. 1.

DNAinfo is reporting Seweid has admitted to making up the vivid account of harassment:

Investigators who spent significant NYPD resources trying to verify her story were unable to find any witnesses to the incident or video that could corroborate her story, sources said.

Seweid finally recanted Tuesday, saying she misguidedly made up the tale to get attention because she was having issues with her family at home.

The family issues also became part of the story when, a week after she claimed to have been harassed, Seweid disappeared from home. Her disappearance was widelyreported as was her reappearance at home two days later.

How long until liberals start defending such hate-hoaxes with the justification that it’s “raising awareness” for a problem that must be happening somewhere? Personally, I think there’s no better way to harm those who are actual victims of hate crimes than to publicize such hoaxes like this. Do we need to remind liberals what happened to the boy who cried wolf?

Watch her original claim below:

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