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MUST LISTEN Strong Pro-Life Voice Heard On.. NPR?


Most conservatives probably don’t listen to National Public Radio (NPR), a bastion for left-wing politics. If you didn’t happen to be listening to the station earlier this week, you likely missed a blockbuster appearance by conservative woman Mona Charen, who appeared on the show alongside two other liberal women, who used terms like “anti-abortion” and “pro-abortion rights.”

The beginning of the show featured the two liberal women, a “social change” reporter for the Washington Post and a staff writer for the New York Times Magazine.  They discussed their view that “rhetoric” about the violence of abortion and the sale of baby parts led to a rampage which left three dead, including a pro-life police officer.

Starting about 14 minutes into the program, Charen joined the panel to discuss if the pro-life movement is culpable for the shootings.  Immediately Charen discussed the shooter who targeted the Family Research Council’s offices and planned to murder its staff because he read that the group was labeled a “hate group” by the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center. Charen went on to cite other shooters who targeted Christians in Oregon and Roanoke. Naturally, NPR never linked gay rights activists or atheists to these crimes and yet, an entire show was devoted to trying to pin the crime of someone who appeared to be mentally-ill on pro-life activists.

Liberals are concerned about the “rhetoric” that pro-life activists use discussing abortion, and according to the show’s guests, led to violence. Fortunately, Charen shared with listeners the hard truth:

Here’s the thing: I think there’s a distinction between hateful and heated rhetoric… and harsh truths. What happens in abortion clinics is very ugly, it’s very upsetting, but it’s the truth. It’s a truth we try very hard to get away from. We use a lot of euphemisms like women’s health. The actual killings that happens in an abortion clinic is very upsetting. And by the way, the situations where a mother’s life is in danger is minuscule compared to the number of abortions that are performed.

It’s not often that NPR’s listeners and fans have the opportunity to hear a balanced, rational and well-argued argument for pro-life values. These victories may not seem large in the face of the thousands of abortions that happen daily, but they pave the way for a slow sea-change that is underway in America on the public’s opinion on abortion.

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