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Must See: Did God Reveal Himself In This Incredible Picture?


A cloud formation appearing over the Portuguese island of Madeira has some people wondering if the hand of God came down from the sky above.

The image was taken by a weather blogger in the area who noticed some strange cloud formations outside his bedroom window.

Via the Daily Mail:

An incredible cloud formation which appeared over the skies of Portugal has been dubbed the ‘hand of God’.

The cloud took the form of a fist from Heaven with a hand holding a fireball as it dominated the skyline across the island of Madeira on Monday.

And weather blogger Rogerio Pacheco, 32, could not believe his luck when he looked up at the clouds while commuters made their way to work in the morning rush hour.

The awe-inspiring snaps have since been shared online after Mr Pacheco opted to post them on his blog.

Amazed onlookers have compared the bright orange cloud to everything from a flaming fist of fury to the iconic comet featured in the classic video game Final Fantasy VII.

Check out the incredible image below:


The photographer himself has said he believes “the cloud looks like an outstretched hand with a fireball.”

Comment: What do our readers think? Is this the hand of God stretching down from the heavens? Tell us your thoughts below.


Comments on “Must See: Did God Reveal Himself In This Incredible Picture?”

  1. Malissa says:

    With all that’s going on, it would not surprise me if it is the hand of God!