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Must Watch: Arizona Senator Prevented From Going To Work By THIS Animal!

While on a trip in Africa to learn about the controversial sport of poaching, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake and the convoy he was riding with was stopped by a group of elephants!

From ABC News:

During one outing on the trip Flake’s convoy was charged by a group of elephants.

Hundreds of thousands of animals like elephants and rhinos are killed by poachers every year as part of a multi-billion-dollar industry for people who believe their tusks and horn have medicinal powers, Flake and fellow Sen. Chris Coons wrote in an op-ed for CNN.

Flake said the U.S. should keep supporting countries who deal with ivory poaching from elephants and rhinos because the money could go to criminal organizations to fund conflicts in the region.

“I wish it were something we were able to do more about, and we should be able to,” Secretary of State John Kerry said in response to Flake’s comments at a Senate Foreign Relations hearing on Tuesday.

Check out the video here!

What do you think of these elephants literally blocking this senator from doing his job? Share your thoughts below!