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Must Watch!: Black Conservative DESTROYS Establishment Trump Haters In A Huge WAY!

Conservative activist and Headline Politics writer Wayne Dupree just released a POWERFUL new video blasting establishment Trump haters at the National Review in a MAJOR WAY. This comes after the magazine shamelessly decided to attack the GOP front-runner on the front page of their magazine.

Dupree calls out the “Hateful 22” for their “criminal” decision to go after Trump in such a disguating way! Watch this EPIC video as Dupree takes aim at establishment figures like Glenn Beck and Rich Lowry for smearing Trump and refusing to open up the GOP tent to new voters who have flocked to Trump in a HUGE way!:

Wayne Dupree was the 2015 American Conservative Blogger of the Year, he also won the 2014 Podcast of the year. He’s been Sean Hannity TV Specials, speaker during the Tea Party Express National Bus Tours so this is not his first go around. His Twitter following is over 96K while his Facebook following is reaching 70K. Check out the Wayne Dupree Show here!

Make sure to share this video with all your friends on Facebook and Twitter to send a message to the GOP establishment that we will not stand for their attacks on Trump!