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BLM Activist Screams ‘F*** The Police’ During Teacher Walkout!


During a Teachers Union Rally on Friday, which resulted in the closure of all Chicago Public Schools, a Black Lives Matter activist decided to attack the police by screaming “Fuck The Police.”

From The Blaze:

Amid furor over budget and program cuts, Chicago Teachers Union members and their allies staged a one-day strike on Friday filled with protests and rallies on the city streets.

Photos by @lowkeydimo from today’s #FundOurFuture#chicagoteachersunion#ShutDownChi today pic.twitter.com/bKxwkJOunm

— Pidgeon (@Pidgejen) April 1, 2016

The walkout meant classes were cancelled for over 300,000 students, the Chicago Tribune reported, and many teachers — embroiled in a contract battle — demonstrated in front of schools.

But while the intensity surrounding last week’s “day of action” has tapered off, the conclusion of one incendiary speech has been surging on social media.

Page May, an activist and Black Lives Matter supporter, hollered into the microphone to a cheering audience about young people “winning” ideological battles in the streets.

“I am so in love with my friends and the young black people and allies who are showing up and pouring their blood, their sweat and their tears into the streets every day and shutting s**t down and winning!” she said. “I am inspired by my 13-year-old students who are half my age and already understand that #BlackLivesMatter is not a slogan, it is a demand.”

Then May added a final message that got the crowd into even more of a frenzy: “F*** the police!” May hollered. “F*** the CPD! … F*** the police, and everybody f*** with ‘em!”

Here’s another video of BLM protesters:

What are your thoughts on BLM activists taking over a teachers union protest to attack the police? Share your thoughts below!