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Watch: Fox Host Blasts Radical Socialist Bernie Sanders In Epic Fashion!


This is the best video I’ve seen ALL DAY! Fox Business host Stuart Varney ripped into Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders for his radical tax plan that calls for a massive redistribution of wealth in this country!

From The Blaze:

[T]he “Varney & Co.” host was not convinced, telling the Sanders supporter, “Let’s not beat around the bush.”

“He is going to take it off me. I already pay 60 percent of my income in taxes, and he wants more. Please, don’t confuse the issue, he is going to take it off me and give it to somebody else. If you think that’s OK, that’s fine with me. I don’t. Let me move on,” Varney continued.

In response to his comments, Bilbray asserted that she is a middle-class, working mother who is “excited” about Sanders’ tax plan and his tuition-free college policy.

“I’ve got two young daughters, and I know their college is going to be paid for,” she said. “And so I’m very happy about that.”

“OK. I’ve got six kids, nine grandchildren, and I don’t like paying 60 percent of my income in taxes, and I’m damned if I’m going to pay any more,” Varney shot back.

Later, the conversation turned toward morality.

“Do you think it’s moral that I, as the father of six, grandparent of nine, 67 years old, works five or six days a week, 12 hours every day, you think it’s moral for me to lose 6 cents on every 10 cents that I earn? And Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton want more. Explain the morality of that, will you?” Varney inquired.

Watch the EPIC video below:

Do you agree with Varney’s awesome take down of Sanders? Share your thoughts below!!