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MUST WATCH! This Is The Best GOP Debate Parody Video So Far!

GOP Debate

The 2016 Republican Presidential debates have shattered viewership records – and they’re about to get even better.

One commenter on the video below said “If all debates were like this, I would never miss one again.” A YouTube user named Mike Beas has uploaded a hilarious version of a recent Republican debate, with the clips spliced to make a rap song called “Will the real Republican please stand up?”

The lyrics feature several candidates, including Jeb Bush and Donald Trump. The lyrics are all of the candidates’ own words, spliced to make it sound like they are rapping the lyrics.

They “say”

In Florida they call me Jeb, I’m proud of my brother
You are a criminal
I’ve got a record in Florida
We’ve done it 27 times since WWII
But he says you do nothing…true
But I have said that Mr Trump’s illegal status Really mirrored what we said is ridiculous, tragic
I believe we can do this, the right way and with low expectations, dumb down everything
They call me Vito Poor-lioni
What? Education: The Bloomberg Foundation of border enforcement
Means you pay a fine
I’ve written a book about this over an extended period of time

Mr Trump, murders, crime I’ve been challenged and I don’t have time
The person that wins, if it’s not me
Have a good time as the Republican nominee
What am I saying? I’m leading by a bit
But you know what?
We will win!
Drugs pouring across the border, it’s fun
And we need brains, Trump, Trump, Trump!

The video clearly took a great deal of time and effort, and Beas has been rewarded with over 40,000 views on the video so far. He even hit publish on a second video, which might be even better than the first, though you wouldn’t know it with the 7,000+ views currently clocked by YouTube’s counter.

Piraters have tried to claim ownership of the video, reposting it on their own pages. Hopefully the experience won’t deter Beas from making more videos like this one. We still have a lot more GOP debates to go before the election next year!

Which “rapper” was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!