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Must Watch! Real Life Lassie: Dog Leads Cops To His Injured Pal!


It’s cold outside … so here’s a little tale to warm up your heart.

Law enforcement were called to a home in Orange, Massachusetts, where the owner suffered a health emergency. To make matters worse, the owners’ two dogs, Jock and Annabelle, fled the moment the strangers arrived, panicked by their sudden arrival.

The cops braved the winter and ventured out to find the pair once their human owner had been treated, and in true Lassie style, they found Jock barking loudly as he led them down an icy ravine. There at the bottom was his wounded friend, who had skidded on the ice.

The good news? The human, and his two little dogs are all safe and well on the road to recovery. Take a look in the footage below:

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