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Must Watch: Violent Thug Viciously Attacks New York Police!


Over the weekend, a disturbed man by the name of James Patrick Dillon has been arrested after several violent attacks on innocent civilians, before attacking two police officers!

From ABC 7:

An investigation is continuing after a deadly crime spree in Queens Sunday in which a man suspected of slashing a woman in the face, fatally stabbing a store owner and setting a homeless man on fire was shot and wounded by police.

Police say 23-year-old James Patrick Dillon is in critical condition after police confronted and shot him following three violent attacks in two locations.

 With officers scrambling, and responding with weapons drawn, the massive manhunt came to an end in Astoria.

Police say Dillon threw an accelerant he had in a beer bottle at an officer during his arrest. Two officers suffered facial and hand injuries from the chemical burns. They have been treated and released.

Authorities are still trying to determine what the chemical was.

Here’s a video report on the crime spree.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire NYPD and their extended families!