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Myth Busted: The Truth About the Confederate Flag May Be Too Much For Liberals to Handle!


There are a few stereotypes that, when placed under the cold light of history don’t pass the smell test. One is that those who display or own a Confederate flag are automatically racist, and another is that Republicans are by and large supporters of the flag and overwhelmingly racist themselves.

The first stereotype certainly has kernels of truth to it, and is a difficult subject to debate, as the topic of who is and who is not racist is largely subjective. The latter, however, can be easily dismissed with facts from the flag’s history, and Republicans’ relationship with it.

The Confederate Flag was first seen in South Carolina on February 10, 1938. Who was the Governor at the time? A Democrat, Olin Dewitt Talmadge Johnston.

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Yesterday Republican Governor Nikki Haley, a woman of Indian descent (which goes against yet another stereotype, of Republicans being only old white men), made the decision to take it down. At a news conference she said, “It will be fitting our state will soon fly the flags of our country, of our state, and no other.” Before Haley made her announcement, a Republican lawmaker promised to introduce a bill to the state legislature to remove the flag.

Fellow Republicans like Mike Huckabee, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush have applauded the decision. The latter, a front-runner for the Republican nomination in 2016, has a deep history with the flag, established while Governor of the southern state of Florida. The Washington Post published a trove of angry emails Bush received while in office, long before the recent shooting in a historically black Christian church which spurred Haley’s decision to remove the flag from the State House.

The Post explains how yet another southern Republican governor (a white one at that) decided to remove the flag, much to the consternation of many constituents:

In early February 2001, Jeb Bush quietly ordered the removal from State Capitol grounds of “The Stainless Banner,” a mostly white flag that featured the Confederate battle flag design in the top left corner.

The flag flew outside the west entrance of the Capitol in Tallahassee with three other flags memorializing the history of the Sunshine State. Bush had decided to remove the flags in December 2000 — in the wake of a bitterly contested presidential campaign that featured both a primary season debate about the Confederate flag, and the protracted recount that resulted in his brother’s election as president. Two months later, they were gone.

Comment below: Do you think the flag should be removed from State Houses across the South?



  1. Mike says:

    Progressives, Democrat or Republican, are follow the Stalinist playbook when they “airbrush” or rewrite history. Michelle Obama in May 2008 said the we must “change our history and traditions” to get where we want to be. It seems Jeb Bush was a harbinger of Michelle.

  2. Dorothy says:

    How about no only because the South lost the Civil War? We are supposed to be the United States of America, therefore the American flag should be flown over all. Please know that I’m not a liberal, I’m a Libertarian.

  3. Ben says:

    I do not think this is just because of a flag. This is about state’s rights that are being slowly whittled away while the black population runs wild. This is sickening. This is Obama’s America. I found myself taking pictures of Civil War memorials yesterday because I want to be able to show my kids the damage the Civil War did to our country before all of the memorials are destroyed. It has nothing to do with hate, it has everything to do with history.

  4. Derek says:

    I am a Canadian and I can see what is going on here. This is not about this flag or that flag, it is about dividing the people. Remember “United we stand, Divided we fall” the government is using this as a distraction to take your attention off something else.

  5. David says:

    I believe its time for Americans to take a march to stand up for the southern flag

  6. Sandra says:

    I was going to chime in but it’s pretty well covered… This Confederate Flag is just a ploy…. it’s not the flag, this is just a distraction… Obama is sitting back like he did in Chicago during his Senate Run, put out a dirt piece on his Republican that he was running against and the media ran with it… than Obama sat back and said, I didn’t do this… he is dividing this country to the best of his ability….it started with the Mascots being RACIST… WHERE IS IT GOING TO END.. OUR AMERICAN FLAG????

  7. Stan says:

    The left liberal Dumarat socialist fools no nothing ,all they listen to is the lies and con artists in Washington, just like the ”Obama death care ” and all the promises we were told about that .youcan keep your own Doc. ,your own insurance,ect,ect,ect.They don’t care about history of the USA. or anything about anything it all the lies they get from Washington and the believe it all. They’re probably upset because the folks murdered by the scum racist demon were good decent moral born again followers of Jesus They’d rather have seen a Ferguson or McKinney with plenty of looting ,attacking the cops, burning the city ,ect. that’s what they like EVIL over GOOD their motto,must have really made them mad when these good God loving people forgave the killer, that’s shock to them, they don’t know what love is.

  8. LaRae says:

    No, I do not agree at all. the shooting they are using as an excuse would have happened whether the kid held a flag or not. what if he had been holding the american flag? do we then ban it also? this entire knee jerk reaction is nothing more than a ruse for certain entities hiding in plain sight who did not want the flag fight done on its merits alone, this made the perfect cover up of the flags removal. It is a preconditioning of the next flag to be removed from our flag poles, the american flag which will be replaced with a new obama flag of his one world order…it may take a few months but watch and learn how smoothly he gets it done

  9. Cyn says:

    when i was a kid, i always thought of that flag as a rebel flag. it is the “left” making it into a hate flag. i always get the view of this little old lady i know, and she is very plain spoken. she says.. :why, northerners were mean to black people too!” in a voice very much like Ma Kettle. She does not get the internet but she has common sense. She would be marching but unfortunately she is attending to relatives w. end of life issues and it has been overwhelming..

  10. Michael-Jaun says:

    Well, if the Confederate flag must come down, then so does the American flag, because we no longer represent the land of the free or the freedom of speech. Might as well fly the Nazi flag instead because that’s where we’re heading if we keep handing these Constitutional rights away. Ain’t no joke, folks…

    1. LaRae says:

      you are very correct, this is yet another piece of history stolen from us and now that it happened so easily they are going after the monuments, the head busts of certain military leaders, and who is to say what is next? this is just the beginning and is Obama hiding from the light of day doing this dirty deed

  11. George says:

    The Confederate Flag is a part of history and deserves it place. Certain locations were significant to the cause and should be recognized. Most of the “information” that is making the rounds are based on ignorance and prejudice. Do a little research at accurate sites and you might learn the truth, provided you are willing to learn.

  12. Ibrahem says:

    The issue is NOT the flag. The flag flap is a distraction from the fact that the kid was raised liberal – notice they haven’t been able to tag him with “far right Christian fanatic?”

  13. Randall says:

    So one person boo hoo hooed about it, so that makes them right and everyone is supposed to do as they say and listen?
    So if someone says jump off a bridge, does that mean we should all go jump off a bridge?
    I think not who is one person ,and give us a better reason than this race bullshit as reason the flag should be removed. it is a symbol of people who fought to unite us , and these race cry babies need to shut up and set down and let people who actually know whats going on decide, cause evidently, thses few people have no idea what they are talking about. Next we will be using the same shitpaper, cause someone says so and it will be written and it will be law. damn communist. bet they don’t even own a flag of the usa.

    1. LaRae says:

      No, the blacks are the ones whining and raising hell about it…that is why it has been done so very quickly..we are being trained to jump when the blacks want something. whether it is because of the leadership in this country is now profoundly and overwhelmingly black or because the country is now afraid to anger them for fear of more many million dollar riots, lootings, and burnings is in question yet. when the blacks whine, things happen fast, not fairly but certainly fast. when a black murders a white there is nothing said anywhere, but damned well guaranteed trouble and days of news outlets crying foul and racism if a white kills a black no matter what kind of stuff the black may have done to deserve being killed..this country is full of racism but it is the blacks being racist against the whites, with obama, sharpton, jackson and the like leading this racist charge

  14. Mary says:

    It’s way past time for that flag to come down. It’s a part of history, and nothing else. It does not deserve to fly over any government building, as it is not the flag of any government!!!

    1. LaRae says:

      it was not flying over the state office or any other building for the last twenty years…it has been flying over the monument in the little park nearby celebrating the honor and deeds of that particular military chosen monument. exactly where it does belong

  15. Ricky says:

    The flag is part of our southern history. It is/was the battle flag during the war between the states. Many many people died defending this flag. Dont know if I had kin that died during the civil war, but IT IS part of history and flown with respect. I have never heard of a flag killing anyone, especially since the over has been over for over 150 years. Please find something more important to do, such as the war on drugs, illegals, national security, etc.

  16. Mary Beth says:

    No it’s fine just How it is

  17. Bill says:

    O and the (free black man) also owned slaves here to so

  18. Bill says:

    ban the american flag while ur at it it was flyin before the confederate flag but i guess people are stupid thinkin a flag is racist people are racist black white it dosnt matter

  19. Tony says:

    The flag that people should ban is the multi colored flag of the sodomites. Stop this racist back and fourth crap and get on with the important things. Jobs, national debt, out of control politicians, border security, terrorism by gangs and crime in general. Look to a change in leadership because we have none now. Get your heads out of your butts and get America back on track!

  20. Bob says:

    Nah, leave it fly. As many say something similar to this guy: “Because their are so many ignorant people that speak and make decisions with out knowing the truth wake up the flag is not racist. Just because ignorant people used and use it in that manner doesn’t make it so. The real meaning is out their.” Nice spelling of there, by the way. The Swastika would probably not be allowed to fly anywhere with acceptance, because “ignorant people used and use it in that manner [racist manner].” But the swastika is a sacred symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism. It was also used long before the Nazis as a symbol of good fortune or well-being. Does that mean we should be ok with displaying it now? Of course not! Thanks to the Nazis, the swastika is a symbol of hatred and racism. Guess what, dumba$$? So is the Confederate Flag. Just because it once meant something supposedly honorable, doesn’t mean it does today. Take the thing down because it is a symbol of hate and racism whether you like it or not.

  21. Ralph says:

    Since some have alluded to the historical nature of the flag (although not the battle flag per se), I would see doing something like Six Flags, identifying the national/international flags which have been part of any state’s history and have them flown around the individual Capitols. In that way, people would have to embrace their history. Hey, maybe they would actually starting teaching history in school again.

  22. Robert says:

    All the war’s, the hunger, the robbing and stealing going on in this country, why the heck does hurting someones poor little feelings have to be such a headline. Take care of the Government first and quit stealing all the liberties of American’s….you’all just a bunch of whinning political babies…must be getting close to election year.

  23. Gordon says:

    It doesn’t matter what we want because the bleeding heart lobrols are going to remove it anyway. They are determined to destroy what little bit of Southern Heritage we have left! I see nothing wrong with leaving the flag up! Next they will try to have it removed from our National Parks.

  24. Beverly says:

    Absolutely not. Once again, liberals/progressives/racists, including a lot of Republicans, are making a mountain out of a molehill.

  25. Nanette says:

    Humans what are we about? It is a flag, which represented the Confederates at the time of the Civil war. It did not represent slavery to them but a way of life which by the Union and many other people an out and out sin before God. Many people of color see this as a flag that represents hate. God ask us to “do not offend” if the actions are a stumbling block for others. The history of the civil war, is that it was democrats that owed slaves and were from the south, it was their political party that had the Jim Crow laws, segregation into the 60’s. Republicans were against slavery always, had the under ground rail road network and gave all black people the same rights as white people. Except but one action by one great president, the democrat party would still be the hatred based raciest. john Kennedy helped free MLK out of prison with Bobbies help against J. Edgar Hoover, who was a democrat! Mrs. King promised ton get him elected by bringing him thousands of democratic votes, she used the pulpit and every means possible to make sure that JFK would get elected. The democrat party after that was gifted the “vote” by the black community, not because they were not raciest, but they could USE the black people! The very other side of this horrible tragedy is equating hatred with a flag, as the Nazi symbol of the Swastika represents. We need to be very careful not to forget it is still a matter of hate in the heart, not the color of ones skin, gender, class, a gun or even a flag, but evil. Abolishing guns, targeting white conservatives, a political party as raciest is raciest in itself!

  26. Jason says:

    No I believe that its historical value and meaning stands alone ,and shouldnt be changed or removed. Good men thought and died for this and if any thing respect that.

    1. Ryan says:

      You link to a liberal site written by someone not even from the South who filled his article with such eloquent antidotes such as “southern rednecks” and has inaccuracies throughout the entire article and that’s your new information? Get real. For starters most “ignorant rednecks” know the difference between the three national flags (none of which contained the Southern Cross) and the battle flag which is rectangular in shape. The battle flag was NOT reserved for the Army of Northern Virginia they had their own design which most armies did yet the Southern Cross was incorporated into most. Lastly, slavery wasn’t outlawed in South America until nearly 1900 so the idea that Southerners wanted to “expanded” slavery there is perplexing at most.

    2. John says:

      Steven, next time please try not to quote an extreme left wing, liberal hack for your supporting facts.

  27. Legare says:

    The flag flown at the SC capital was not the national flag of the Confederacy but the battle flag. For the sake of political correctness, maybe the South Carolina Sovereignty Flag would be more appropriate for the memorial monument.

  28. Steven says:

    I think it should come down and be relegated to museums, not because it was the symbol of a rebellion, or a symbol of the south, but because it was also a symbol of slavery and a symbol of racism. I remember a photo of a huge klan rally in the 1920’s, with the confederate flag and the nazi flag flying in abundance side by side. Time to change, and for all of us to have one flag only, not black power flag, not Mexican flag, and not confederate flag.

    1. Christopher says:

      The “Confederate” flag is not racist. It is not a sign of racism the KKK just took it and twisted it into something it truly is not actually take time and look it up or here I’ll show yoh

    2. Ryan says:

      So you must agree that the American flag must come down and be changed as well, right? I can provide numerous pictures of Klan rallies with no a single Confederate symbol in site just Old Glory. Since slavery was legal and sanctified under the American flag I do hope you’re consistent.

    3. John says:

      Steven, you obviously don’t know very much about the Confederate “battle flag”. It did not then nor does it now have anything at all to do with slavery. The war was fought over STATES RIGHTS. Just because the “idiotic” klan used the stars and bars for their stupid purposes doesn’t mean squat! And before you ask…YES I’m a yankee.

  29. Shawn says:

    I think people should do research on the flag before they make a decision. Because their are so many ignorant people that speak and make decisions with out knowing the truth wake up the flag is not racist. Just because ignorant people used and use it in that manner doesn’t make it so. The real meaning is out their. Their is a lot of good people died under that flag and was not racist

  30. Nathan says:

    The flag is fine the way it is. It is a symbol of southern pride.

  31. Mike says:

    No it should not be removed. It flies over a Confederate war memorial, not over the Capitol building. It is part of the state’s history, if we forget history we are doomed to repeat it.

  32. Madman says:

    They should change the flag. Flags change all the time. How many times has the Star Spangled Banner been revised. The Rebel Flag should be changed. All the White Stars should be Black, Yellow, Red, Brown and yes White. Some Stars could be multi-colored to represent mixed race. In this way the flag will transform into a multi-racial and all inclusive symbol of unity, remembrance, respect and forgiveness!

    1. Nathan says:

      Madman? More like moronman

  33. Mike says:

    If and I mean if they vote to take our flag off of state ground then instead of it flying in just a few places I’m afraid it will be in your face everywhere. I think that each state should operate as sovereign country, as a business. Buying and selling to and from all the other sovereign country states. This country is already divided by elephants and jackasses, heck my granddaddy is spinning like a top in his grave over the status of this country. Staying at home no voting, thinking oh my vote don’t count until your vote doesn’t count now you want to vote, crazy! If you want to get our country back then “DON’T VOTE! and watch what happens. If the people who do vote will be arrested and tried for treason. Good luck to you all and one last bit of info, buy gold!

  34. Cheri says:

    Leave the Flag alone! Our government is so Screwed up