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NAACP Pushed This Town Too Far By Trying to Remove School Mascot

The NAACP held a meeting at the Effingham County School Board to call for the local high school to stop using its rebel mascot. They felt it was supporting Confederacy overtones, notes WTOC.

“We should do better,” Pastor Franklin Blanks, Jr. said. “We cannot ignore this practice any longer. We ask you to do the respect of representing all citizens. Do what is fair and honest concerning this practice.”

However, one of the attendees claimed that Blanks was trying to erase his heritage and added that everything Blanks said was “racist,” which brought loud cheers from the audience.


Effingham NAACP President Leroy Lloyd described the Confederate flag: “We see it as a symbol of hate and racism,” reports The Augusta Chronicle. However, the audience was overwhelmingly supportive of the team mascot choice.

One black woman who attended this meeting stood up for the school she went to and voiced her opinion to the racist NAACP request:

“I didn’t go to Effingham County School because of that rebel flag, that flag didn’t mean anything to me, It was a symbol a mascot for the school.” “That flag gave me the inspiration to fight, to do more in life; it’s a fighting thing,” and that statement generated a huge amount of applause and acceptance from the crowd.


School Superintendent Randy Shearouse said, “There is no way that mascot is going away.”

“Our kids get along great,” Shearouse insisted. “That’s what’s paramount. We want to be sure they have the best education possible.”

The school board didn’t vote on the issue but said they would decide at another time.

Check out the video report here:

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H/T – WTOCThe Augusta Chronicle



  1. Tami says:

    Learn the real history of the flag and the cause of the war and you will be surprised that it was NOT over slavery. If you are still holding a grudge over slavery do something about it today because it is still in practice in the US, China, and any Muslim country……… just one tidbit about the Civil war…Ulysses S Grant was a slave owner…….Robert E Lee was not stop being sheep and educate yourselves…….the ones that need to read this won’t I know

  2. sunnyblues says:

    Again, political correctness rears it’s ugly head and tries to force it’s very narrow view upon the majority thus attempting to erase what is our heritage, our history, our pride and our right to express that which we hold near and dear. I am glad to see We the People have finally had enough. Keep up the push back!!