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Nancy Grace Just Made A SHOCKING Career-Changing Announcement!

Nancy Grace

The Queen of “Taking It Too Far” is leaving television and I am positive many don’t miss her already.

I remember when she was questioning Elizabeth Smart, and she was like that’s not how it happened and being very rude. I understand her Crusade for justice, but she takes a little far sometimes.

Some will miss the crime story coverage and updates, but many will not miss her cutting off her guests’ statements, embellishing “facts” into the stories. It’s probably time. She went from amazing at what she did to chasing ratings. It became hard to watch her show.

Nancy Grace

From Associated Press:

Tough-talking former prosecutor Nancy Grace is leaving her prime-time show on the HLN network in October.

The CNN sister station said Grace told her staff Thursday that her show would be ending after 12 years. An HLN spokeswoman said the network had no immediate announcement on what program would go in its place.

Grace’s take-no-prisoners style made her show popular when legal cases involving Caylee Anthony and Natalee Holloway dominated the news. Grace made no secret of how she felt about a defendant’s guilt or innocence and programmed her show accordingly.

But there have been fewer of those sensational trials in recent years, and her ratings fell off.

I am not shedding a tear on this one!

She used to engage in a thoughtful debate that let you see both sides (even if she did usually win lol) but the last few years it became “no, no. No did I ask you?!” She used to do it when the conversation swayed from their goal; now she does it to keep the audience from finding out stuff she doesn’t want then to know.

I stopped watching when it became a three ring circus. It became all about the ratings. Never let the opposing side get in a word and she would cut their microphones, almost making a joke of them. I don’t recall one time when she thought someone could be innocent. Her time is now up.

I hope she finds peace in her retirement or maybe love, and that heals all. What do you think of Grace leaving TV? Will you miss her? Share your opinions below and add this story to your Facebook and Twitter timeline.