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Nancy Pelosi Falls for FAKE Mike Flynn Tweet – The Footage Is Too Good!

Remember all the “fake news” hysteria during, and following the recent presidential election? An epidemic of “fake news” was apparently the only way that the liberal media could explain away the fact that the American public wasn’t buying their narrative.

It’s especially ironic because it’s often they who are happy to push fake news – so long as the narrative aligns with their liberal tendencies. The Federalist has a list of sixteen fake news stories that reporters have run with since the election (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg).

The latest to get duped by a fake was Nancy Pelosi yesterday, as she spoke about Mike Flynn’s resignation. She was disgusted by a comment he made after resigning – one so outrageous that he never actually made it. Even the New York Times got duped.

Tweets from a parody Twitter account for former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn were mistakenly taken as legitimate statements. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md. and the New York Times mistook the parody account’s remarks as real statements made by Flynn. All three learned a hard lesson about verifying sources before using them.

Flynn was forced to resign after it became public that he misled White House officials when he told them he did not speak to the Russian ambassador about the U.S. sanctions on Russia.

Where did these fake tweets originate? The tweets came from an account opened in January 2017:

H/T Business to Community

You’d think the fact that the account was named “Not Michael Flynn” and is clearly labeled a parody would’ve prevented such a mixup, no? Not for Pelosi. Watch the trainwreck below:

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  1. Juan Two Three says:

    This ‘Botoxed, stumbling fuking old broad’ should be taken out of the barn and shot dead! What an absolute idiot fuk this old broad is!!