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While Pro Athletes are Protesting the Anthem, One Girl Made America Proud!

National Anthem

Today in America we look for stories of success like this to keep us motivated and hopeful for the future of our country. Marina Garcia is part of that future. Garcia is a high school senior who plays varsity volleyball. Before one of her games, the National Anthem CD wouldn’t play. In reading the original article, I didn’t see anything about foul play so this was probably one of those times.

Garcia stepped up by volunteering to sing the anthem and everyone in attendance was happy she did.

I watched the rendition, and I have to admit Garcia has a beautiful voice and I hope her parents are super proud of her decision. Thank you for knowing what that song represents and signing it so proud, from an Air Force Veteran. Veteran!

National Anthem

From KSAT.com:

Marina Garcia thought it would be another night when she and her fellow volleyball players stepped onto the court. However, when the audio system went down just before playing the national anthem Garcia did what came naturally to her: She sang.

“We were about to stand for the national anthem as we noticed that the CD wasn’t working,” Garcia said. “I didn’t feel nervous. I felt like excited because I get to sing.”

Unbeknownst to the high school, senior someone was in the stands capturing the whole thing.

At the end of the performance her teammates cheered, so too did everyone in the gym.

“I honestly couldn’t ask for more. They all had smiles on their faces. Some of them teared up. Some of them had told me that they had the chills and just that feeling that I can give to people that emotion, that was so exciting,” she said.

Though the impromptu performance happened days ago, it was not until the Northside Independent School District tweeted the video that everyone saw and heard Garcia’s off-court save.

Watch the story here:

These kinds of things give me hope for our future. Marina showed me that there are some good hearts still left in the world.

Great job! She is a real role model! We need more young people like this instead of the selfish, entitled spoiled brats that take a knee during the national anthem.

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