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National Geographic Cover Exploiting Confused Child

The most recent issue of National Geographic has been turning some heads.

“The best thing about being a girl is, now I don’t have to pretend to be a boy,” reads the caption underneath a photo of a 9-year-old transgender girl (previously a boy).

Many praised the move, some outlets noted the historicity of the image, while others lauded it for sparking conversations. But there was plenty of criticism to go around.

What I personally find most disturbing of all is that it’s not only the National Geographic that ran this story for political purposes. The mother of this child appears to be an activist of sorts. Her Twitter handle is “transgirl_mom,” and she’s been on Twitter since 2014 with that handle, meaning she’s been politicizing her child’s transgender identity for quite a while now.

Transgender youtuber Blaire White expressed concern over the child’s transition being encouraged by the mother, as the child in question transitioned at four years of age. Listen to her argument against it below:

Is the mother exploiting this kid for personal gain? Let us know what you think in the comments…



  1. Chuck says:

    And by the way, that’s not Amy Grant under the “headlinepolitics” click-me.

  2. Jimmie says:

    I already canceled them…sad use to be a great mag…now just some liberal progressive propaganda opinion rag…for the old stuff I picked up Archeology Today…so far better than even the old Nat. Geo.

  3. Michael says:

    Have to love t when the Trans sect n not even keep their lies straight When you are born a ” male “: you are MALE UNTIL DEATH, same as a female. You are NOT a BOY when you have GIRL GENES and vise a versa
    Even the sick tranny making this video ADMITS to such at the 4:10 mark when she admits this mother put ” HIM ” on the front page.

  4. David says:

    so. I just emailed them. Your issue about Gender is disgusting. I have received National Geographic as an annual gift since I was a small child. It was started by my grandfather, continued by my grandmother after his death and continued today by my mother after her death. I am now 53 years old ad my mother has told me I must continue the legacy after her death. My children were raised reading an exploring this great magazine. I wanted to be a photographer since I was a small child and the epitome of greatest photographers in the world were regarded as National Geographic Photographers. When I received the issue on Gender, I left it in my car and showed it to my mother during our lunch together. She has now canceled a subscription that was a decades old subscription. Your magazine has portrayed child abuse and mental illness as acceptable is insanity. Your journalist have completely lost all track of what this magazine focus is on. I will bet these little buttercups liberals are still crying over the Hilary loss, but throwing their social issues into a good institution just goes to show that management at the magazine has also be corrupted from top to bottom. Truly hated to see “your kind of mental illness” corrupt this great institution.

  5. David says:

    the psycho nut jobs on the LEFT; MUST politicize every thing. The world IS CRAZY; keep your compass straight and follow your moral beliefs.

  6. Allen says:

    “Confused” children, brought to you by “confused” parents, brought to you by Satan, who’s not “confused” about what he’s doing.