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National Impeach Obama Week! Pro-Impeachment Rallies Scheduled Across America


Across America, citizens have had enough of President Barack Obama’s unconstitutional actions. From creating an illegal immigration crisis for political purposes, to spying on citizens via the NSA, even liberals have reason to want Obama out of office as soon as possible.

Rush Limbaugh thinks the impeachment talk is too helpful to Democrats’ fundraising goals. But some conservative members of Congress disagree, and have joined the pro-impeachment campaign.

Now, a number of conservative groups have banded together to form, National Impeach Obama Week. The effort will begin August 23 and extend until the end of the month. Organizers are calling on citizens from across the U.S. to lead protests and demonstrations as well as initiate letter-writing campaigns aimed at elected officials and local media sources.

As you can see, there are planned protests at state capitol’s from coast to coast. But if one isn’t close to you, you can work with them to form your own!

To have a protest in your area, just find a likely spot in a safe neighborhood and have it listed here.

Interestingly, the organization implies that a lot of Occupy Wall-Street left-wingers who stand on principle are also welcomed to get involved:

Endorsing this protest means only that we agree that Barack Obama must be exposed and removed from office… not that we necessarily agree on all issues or reasons to impeach.

What do you think? Do you agree with Rush Limbaugh, or is the time to impeach Barack Obama today?