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Navy SEAL Calls Michael Moore’s Career ‘A Confirmed Kill’

Leave it to a good ol’ American Navy SEAL to use sniper lingo in a crushing assessment of Michael Moore’s career.

Moore has been taking relentless heat for referring to American Sniper Chris Kyle as a “coward.”

Some pointed out that Moore’s career has become rather irrelevant, while Retired U.S. Marine Corporal Jacob Schick spoke of the filmmaker as possessing an “abundant lack of intellectual capability that harnesses any value.”

Former Navy SEAL Cade Courtley took the ‘irrelevant’ career analysis a step further, and spiced it up with a bit of SEAL lingo.

“His career is a really good confirmed kill,” Courtley said.

CNN’s Don Lemon got a good laugh out of the comment. Watch …

Via BizPAC Review:

During a panel discussion on “CNN Tonight,” host Don Lemon asked former SEAL Cade Courtley, a friend of the movie’s hero, SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, and president of survival gear retailer SEALsurvival.com, his take on the Moore-generated controversy.

“Pretty much the last thing I want to say about this individual because he’s already gotten too much airtime is it just feels like somebody who’s desperate to try to be relevant again because he’s staring at a dead career,” Courtley said, with brutal frankness.

“As far as I’m concerned, his career is a really good confirmed kill.”

Is Courtley right? Has Michael Moore’s film career finally been put out of it’s misery by his cowardly statements?