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Hilarious! Navy SEAL Critiques ISIS Propaganda Video


If ISIS does one thing right, it’s propaganda. With Hollywood level production quality, they’re able to give the impression of invincibility to young Muslims they’re targeting.

It gives a sick insight into what it is that attracts people to ISIS. Torture, “creative” executions, and beheadings are commmonplace. That’s what those who join ISIS are viewing when they become attracted to the group. Do-good liberals who try to tell us that terrorists wouldn’t hate us if we didn’t invade their countries need to realize that.

For those with actual military experience, the combat footage ISIS releases is far-less impressive. The terror group even released their own training video, and while it’s more impressive than Al-Qaeda members climbing monkey bars, it will ensure their demise.

It ain’t the kind of training our men in the armed forces are receiving, to say the least!
The Navy SEAL’s are perhaps the most elite in our military. Their BUD/S training is as tough as it gets. Former SEAL Jonathan Gilliam has completed that grueling training and knows what it takes to get through. Gilliam viewed ISIS’ take on training, and had just a few thoughts (and critiques) for the group.

Funny stuff.

Hopefully they don’t take any of his advice and keep doing exactly what they’re doing.

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