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NBC Doctor Broke Ebola Quarantine… For SOUP

Ebola Quarantine

After an NBC cameraman tested positive for Ebola, everyone he had come into contact with was asked to enter a voluntary quarantine to prevent the further spread of the disease. His team, including NBC’s medical correspondent Nancy Snyderman, was ordered by their employer into quarantine for 21 days to ensure the safety of everyone around them. Mediaite reports what happened next,

Reports from Planet Princeton and TMZ alleged that Snyderman was spotted in public, in violation of the quarantine, to pick up soup from a New Jersey restaurant.

For the sake of Dr. Snyderman, I’ve created a comprehensive and exhaustive list of all of the acceptable reasons why it might be acceptable to break an Ebola quarantine.


The above list, as you might have noticed, does not include soup. If Dr. Snyderman was really jonesing for any food, from any food establishment, this craving could have been satisfied without exposing anyone to Ebola needlessly in a few easy steps:

  • Call restaurant. Ask for delivery of soup. If they don’t offer delivery tell them, “I have been exposed to Ebola. I would like soup. If you do not deliver this soup, I will come into your restaurant and pick it up.” Likelihood is, anyone answering the phone would happily bring soup to your doorstep in exchange for not coming into contact with you in their place of work.
  • When ordering aforementioned soup for delivery, pay with a credit card over the phone.
  • Open the door to get the soup only after the delivery person has departed and the soup is sitting on your doorstep.

And that, Doctor, is how to avoid breaking a quarantine for Ebola in order to procure soup.

One would think that having been caught breaking mandated quarantine for an obscenely ridiculous reason, Dr. Snyderman would be nothing but apologetic for her behavior. If you thought that, you would be wrong. Snyderman justified her decision to leave her home while issuing a non-apology apology. The quarantine order, which was once voluntary, is now mandatory for the rest of the 21-day incubation period.

Snyderman and company were ordered by their employer to remain under quarantine. They not only broke this order, but pathetically tried to justify why, after the fact after they were caught, on the Nightly News. Will NBC take steps to censure or fire the members of their team who recklessly endangered lives over soup?