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NBC Host Tears Obama’s ISIS Strategy Apart – You Can’t Deny This…


NBC chief foreign correspondent, Richard Engel, took aim at the President’s strategy to combat ISIS, referring to it as “the definition of stupidity.”

Engel and his colleague were discussing the spread of ISIS in Iraq, including the fall of the ancient city of Palmyra. Palmyra is yet another in a string of cities that have ended up in the terror group’s clutches.

An MSNBC host played a clip of Richard Clark, former White House counter-terrorism advisor, saying that ISIS has essentially become the defacto nation in Iraq. Engel opined about it happeningĀ despite U.S.-led efforts to stop them.

“It raises enormous questions about the strategy,” heĀ stated.

“Can the U.S. continue on its course?”

Engel answered his own question: “The definition of stupidity, frankly, is continue on the same course and expecting a different result. And I think we may be heading in that direction.”

Watch Engel critique the Obama ISIS strategy…

Comment: Tell us what you think – Is Obama’s strategy to combat ISIS militants or terrorism in general the very definition of stupidity?