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Netanyahu Has a Warning about the Iran Deal – This Should Strike Fear in the Hearts of Americans


Benjamin Netanyahu has some news for any Americans who support the nuclear deal with Iran. Iran already has the ability to hit Israel. Iran wants to add to their arsenal to attack the United States. While addressing the Jewish Federations of North America, the Israeli Prime Minister bluntly stated what he believes Iran wants.
“Iran is not building these ballistic missiles, these ICBMs, to hit Israel,” says Netanyahu. “They already have missiles that can hit Israel everywhere. They’re building these ICBMs to hit you. To hit the United States. You’re the great Satan, we’re just the small Satan.”

The Obama Administration is facing strong opposition from Republicans on the Iran Deal. Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer joined opposition to the deal last week stating that he doesn’t trust Iran.

Why do you believe President Obama is so strongly in favor of this deal? Please comment below.

H/T: Q Political



  1. Ken says:

    Fox News has convinced Americans that “Iran’s development of nuclear weapons pose[s] a “critical” threat to the U.S.” There is ample reason to believe our current crop of Republican leaders are even more myopic than George W. Bush. Bush understood – belatedly – that calling his Iran War a holy crusade was maybe a little over the top. But Republicans today, a decade later, positively relish the role of holy avengers, smiting uppity Islam in the name of their god.
    These Republicans have a crusader’s knee-jerk reaction to anything Islamic and this hatred is fed by Darth Netanyahu in Israel. It doesn’t matter that Netanyahu’s own military and intelligence people disagree with his assessment of Iran. Netanyahu is trying to cover this up and Republicans are covering their ears and is talking the language they like and that’s all they’re going to listen to.
    And what isn’t a critical threat for Republicans? They can’t accumulate enemies fast enough: Russia, Iran, ISIL, Ebola (ISIL + Ebola), Mexicans (Mexicans + Drugs), Democrats, Women, Liberals, Progressives, Blacks, Gays and Lesbians, Transgenders, Atheists. How do these creepy old white people live in the world they have created for themselves? The only option Republicans have to offer is a war nobody wants, a war that would only serve to isolate America (as did the Bush administration) from the world. No problem for chickenhawks. Nobody is going to be shooting at them, after all.
    Republicans must realize they work for the American people, not for Benjamin Netanyahu, and that, as John Kerry put it, we don’t live in a world inhabited by Unicorns. Obama, forced to be the adult in the room yet again, recognizes this. Brent Snowcroft (former Bush National Security Director) and others who support the Iran deal recognize this. It is a shame congressional Republicans and sixteen presidential candidates prefer a fantasy world of their own making to our shared reality. The need to understand that peace isn’t just something that happens if you fail to declare war. You have to work for it. You have to give it a chance.
    As Snowcroft points out, there is always the military deterrent as a last resort.
    It doesn’t have to be the first resort to work, and as we saw in Iraq, it doesn’t always work anyway. – politusa

  2. Chenne says:

    oh God I am so sick and tired of Israel starting so much stuff!

  3. Jimmy says:

    The PM is right ICBM are Intercontinental Ballistic Missles.
    Iran doesn’t need them to attack Israel but they do if they attack the US.
    Thanks to the Democrats we have a Jihadist in the White House.
    I hope everyone is happy.
    What did you guys expect from a man (and he’s not really a man) who who has a Muslim name?
    First he wants to bankrupt us and them bow to his Muslim brothers while he turns this country to a Socialist Dictatorship….way to go Democrats.

  4. Ronald says:

    Why? Well doesn’t the statement “I will always stand with Islam.” tell you anything? For once, he DIDN’T LIE.

  5. Kathleen says:

    Obama wants this deal because he is on the side of the Muslims. He always has been. He is one. He is a traitor !!!!

  6. Ogre says:

    so one libtard figured out that obama and keary are traitors

  7. Gordon says:

    Just part of Obama’s strategy to weaken America

  8. Matthew says:

    Do I have to explain why Obama is strongly in favor of the Iran deal? Obviously I don’t need to explain, I know exactly why Obama is strongly in favor of the Iran deal, because he wants America destroyed and more than ever.