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Never Before Seen WWII Pictures Found – Provides an Extraordinary Look at the Life of Soldiers (WATCH)

31 rolls of film taken by a soldier during World War II sat undeveloped for 71 years. When film sits for that long, there is a huge chance it can’t be developed.

But thanks to the Rescued Film Project, those pictures were restored and we all can see just how difficult life was during World War II for soldiers… from boot camp, the trip home, and everything in between.

Incredible! Our World War II veterans are truly the “greatest generation.”

H/T: Rare



  1. Charlie says:

    Looks like some of those photos were taken at Fort Indiantown Gap PA.

  2. Philip says:

    Your photos reminded me of my father’s WWII photos, which I put on the net here: http://www.heartspace.org/ww2