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Whoa! This COUP Against Trump Just Got EXPOSED!

never trump

The “never trump” movement is getting ridiculous. So-called “conservatives” want to ignore the rules and change them because their guy did not win. The so-called Conservative movement in the US is in bad shape. It’s leadership is just as corrupt and power hungry as the other parts of the GOP establishment.

The NUMBER ONE rule of Conservatism is the rule of law. We have to stand up and be responsible for our actions and obey the laws of the land regardless if we agree with them or not. Some of us have become just like the liberals in this nation. They pick and choose which rules and laws which they wish to follow, and if things do not go their way they twist the rules and legislation around to try and make them fit their agenda.

never trump

From Wall Street Journal:

The anti-Trump camp needs the backing of 28, or one-quarter, of the 112 Convention Rules Committee members, in order to place the issue before the full convention. A Wall Street Journal survey suggests it could be close.

In interviews, 20 members said they are willing to consider allowing delegates to be unbound, while 59 support Mr. Trump. The other 33 panelists couldn’t be reached or did not respond to repeated messages.

Others counting votes have their own tallies. Internal surveys of the Rules Committee conducted by RNC member Randy Evans of Georgia, who is whipping votes trying to help Mr. Trump fend off the insurrection, found at least 18 committee members open to voting to unbind. The Trump campaign’s count shows about 15 leaning toward the so-called conscience clause, according to people familiar with the campaign.

Kendal Unruh, a Colorado schoolteacher on the committee leading part of the anti-Trump movement, said she has private commitments from more than 30 committee members, but that many aren’t willing to admit so publicly.

Though a majority of the convention delegates are bound to support Mr. Trump, Mr. Evans’s count shows just about 890 delegates are personally loyal to the New Yorker. Another 680 oppose Mr. Trump. That leaves 900 delegates who are presumed to be “in play,” he said. The stop-Trump forces would have to take nearly two-thirds of them to block his nomination.

If the Conservative leadership had kept their promises when they got to DC instead of becoming just as corrupt and power hungry as the rest. Then there would be no Trump today. Trump is the result of millions of voters saying enough is enough. ANY and I do mean ANY attempt to circumvent the will of the electorate will result in a complete dissolution of the GOP as a national party. They will become just like the Whigs – a footnote in future history books.

Do you think this group will stop Trump at the GOP convention? Do you think they realize the problems they will cause with their actions? Share your opinions below in the comment section.