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#NeverTrump Hate Went Too Far When They Harmed These Two Little Girls!

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Last month, the media reported everywhere how a 15-year-old was allegedly groped and pepper sprayed by Donald Trump supporters. Even after video emerged showing that the girl lied about being groped and then took a swing at an old man before being sprayed, the media still presented her as a victim.

In this new incident, I haven’t seen any wide coverage in the media, not like the last month’s incident. I imagine if they are forced to cover it, they will tried to make this anti-Trumper out to be the victim.

From the beginning, I have said these #NeverTrump charlatans went about their mission the wrong way. They should have been #AlwaysCruz or whosoever they committed to as a candidate. All they did was solidify and grow Trump’s base of support.

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From The Times of Israel:

Supporters and opponents of Donald Trump clashed Tuesday outside City Hall, and five people, including two little girls, were pepper-sprayed by a demonstrator during the heated confrontation, police said.

Backers waving US flags and pro-Trump signs were met by opponents and a shouting match began.

At one point, an opponent unleashed a hand-held pepper-spray device on the pro-Trump crowd.

Five people, including two girls ages 8 and 11, were exposed to the eye-stinging spray, police Sgt. Daron Wyatt said. Three were treated at the scene by paramedics.

The man fled, but police were looking for him, Wyatt said.

One woman wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat comforted the girls, whose faces were streaked with tears. The girls complained that their eyes and mouths hurt.

Watch the video report here:

Whatever you think of the candidate, it should never involve hurting little kids in attendance. These so-called conservative warriors just took it a notch down the evil side by acting like liberals. If you don’t like the candidate, don’t vote for him. This group has gone too far and should be reigned in immediately.

H/T – LA Times, The Times of Israel

What do you think about this incident? Do you think the #NeverTrump members who did this should be charged? Share your opinions below and don’t forget to share this story on your Facebook and Twitter timeline.

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