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#NeverTrump Was Destroyed This Weekend When THIS Happened!

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Donald Trump is going to be the GOP nominee, the voice of the Republican Party’s base has spoken. Anyone within the party establishment who doesn’t like it should step to the back of the train and just enjoy the ride. It seems the party leaders are ready to coalesce to solidify the party before the convention, in other words, it’s happening.

The anti-Trump supporters created a #NeverTrump rebellion that got together too late to try to stop a political train and what is worse, they had no answers except old time negativity. That only sent more supporters to Trump and grew his base.

This past weekend, conventions were held in 11 states and the word went out, it’s time to shut them down.

From Newsmax:

Republican party leaders in 11 states holding conventions and selecting delegates Saturday pressed anti-Donald Trump members to fall in line behind the presumptive nominee — and punished those who refused, Politico reports. 

Nearly 400 delegates to the party’s nominating convention were picked, or, according to Politico, about one in every six who’ll fill seats in Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena in July.

According to Politico, the rally-around-Trump forces won out, including in:

– Nebraska, where members passed a resolution to reprimand freshman Sen. Ben Sasse for his attacks on Trump,  and scuttled a countermeasure to condemn “degrading remarks toward women, minorities and other individuals” by presidential candidates, Politico reports.

And despite a threatened attempt by Sen. Ted Cruz supporters to take over the delegation, 21 of the 36 members picked endorsed Trump.

I won’t say the #NeverTrump movement was even close to being successful because it wasn’t. They spent over $76 million dollars, over 50,000 negative ads and they never came close to slowing him down. Anyone with a brain knows Trump will easily pass Hillary on June 7th. The Republicans have five million more votes than the Dems in the primary season. The only reason Hillary has more is she wasn’t competing against 16 other candidates, and it still doesn’t matter.

Trump became the nominee because the Party thought it could lead by unenforceable dictate. Now they’re trying to force the half of Republicans who didn’t support him into it via the same impotent means.

The voters aren’t going to be pushed by the establishment backing or not backing Trump. If they were, Trump wouldn’t have won the nomination.

How many of you felt Trump would be the nominee from the start? What’s your reaction to those who say Hillary is not honest or trustworthy? Do you think the average person would rather watch a Hillary speech or interview than Trump? Do you think she’s spontaneous, exciting, original, creative? What exactly has she done for women? She may win, anything is possible this year.

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