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New 2016 Poll Has Some Devastating News For Trump!

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While Donald Trump may have a commanding lead among Republican primary voters across the nation, the same cannot be said of all Americans.

According to a new USA Today poll, a whopping 63% of Americans would NEVER vote for Donald Trump for president!

From Outside The Beltway:

Republicans may be ready for a fling with Donald Trump, but a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll shows they have reservations about installing him in the White House.

Fifty percent of Americans, including 31% of Republicans, say Trump would make a “poor” or “terrible” president.

His possible bid faces broad resistance: 63% of Americans, including 46% of Republicans, say they definitely will not vote for Trump for president. In comparison, 46% of Americans say they definitely will not vote for President Obama — significantly lower but itself a hurdle to winning the 2012 election.

Do these numbers make you rethink your support for Trump, or are you not phased by this latest national poll? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Gunflint says:

    Polls are no more honest & accurate, than the Liberal douche bag’s we have in Office.

  2. Stanley says:

    Of course you’re polling the same morons that elected obama twice, the worst president in history. Unfortunately the US electorate, on average, has no clue about the candidates or what they stand for, so there is a fairly good chance that we will end up with someone as incompetent, divisive, and in over his/her head as obama.

  3. Aytac says:

    He will not go away quietly. He is not a very classy loser. I see him in a “Scorched Earth Mode”, before I see him conceding to one of his rivals.

    In order not to face humiliation by Cruz or Rubio after all that has happened and all that has been said he will run as a Third Party Candidate knowing full well he CAN’T win but also knowing full well neither can the others.

    It is not like he will suffer much under Hillary or Sanders Presidency himself. Not that difficult to lose a political campaign and you have nothing left to look forward to but to return back to your daily grind of a life of a Billionaire.

    1. Ms says:

      @Aytac, no truer words spoken!