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New Black Panthers Made CHILLING Threat 2 Weeks Before TX Deputy Was Shot and Killed

Harris County, TX, Deputy Darren Goforth stood at a convenience store pumping gas into his patrol vehicle, while a black man, now identified as Shannon Miles, raised a pistol and shot him in the head killing him instantly.


But what the media has not been reporting is, just two weeks before the brutal assassination of Goforth, armed New Black Panthers shouted the following:

“You’re gonna stop doing what you’re doing, or we will start creeping up on you in the darkness!”

“Oink Oink… Bang Bang!”

This was the mantra chanted over and over by the heavily armed Black Panthers to the Mounted Harris County deputies who were at the scene to help keep the peace.

The threat was made by the hate-fueled Black Panther Party as they marched around the Waller County jail, in the Houston metropolitan area. Exactly what the police were to stop doing was not specified, nor was what would be done as Panthers crept up on police.


Let me be frank and honest with this next statement: America doesn’t want what Barack Obama or his minstrels are selling.

Yes, there are some bad cops but the majority are not bad. There is no way to justify murdering cops. If there are bad police committing crimes, they are criminals who should be arrested and put on trial. That is not the issue, though. None of these cops recently murdered by racist thugs, riled up by Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and the mainstream media, ever deserved this.

Check out the video report:

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H/T – BreitbartTexas