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This New CA Poll Is Turning GOP Race Into A JOKE For Trump


So all the pundits who said Donald Trump was a clown and would fade must be scratching their heads right now. Apparently, the people want real change as opposed to the Obama change. Politicians are responsible for our $20 Trillion dollar debt. They spend the money and don’t seem to worry about who pays for it.

Not one of these people is talking about how to pay down the debt, or how to cut spending. Illegals cost us north of $100 billion a year. Build a wall and stop any further illegal migration. Come here legally and we welcome you. We want you here. But if you come here illegally we should do what Mexico does with illegal immigrants, and that jails them or deport them. You don’t coddle them like we’ve been doing.

These latest poll numbers out of California are just remarkable. Just a few weeks ago Sen. Ted Cruz was up by a few points. What a difference a speech makes because after he gave his speech in California, his poll numbers started to fall.


From USAToday:

Donald Trump is leading Ted Cruz by a whopping 34 percentage points — 54%-20% — among likely Republican voters in California, a SurveyUSApoll for KUSA found.

That’s a significant gain for the Republican frontrunner, whose lead was only 8 percentage points in the last SurveyUSA poll a month ago. And it’s a significant loss for Cruz. The two were 40%-32% last month.

California, which holds its primary June 7, is the most delegate-rich state on the Republican primary calendar with 172 at stake for GOP hopefuls.

That makes Indiana, which will award 57 delegates after its primary Tuesday, all that much more important for Cruz if he wants to stop Trump from reaching the 1,237 delegates he needs to clinch the nomination. In the most recent poll, though, he is trailing by 15 percentage points in the Hoosier State.

On the Democratic side, the SurveyUSA poll gives Hillary Clinton a 57%-38% lead over Bernie Sanders in California. In general election match-ups, she beats Trump 56%-34% and Cruz 57%-29%. California has not sided with a Republican for president since George H.W. Bush in 1988.

SurveyUSA polled 2,011 registered voters in California from April 27 to April 30.

Check out some responses from Facebook users on this large lead for Trump:

I will say I am very hesitant on polls, but at least Trump is claiming he’ll do what America needs. The last thing we need is another hard Left-liberal to continue this country’s downward spiral.

H/T – USAToday

What do you think of Trump’s new numbers in California? Will they hold? Can he put a nail in the coffin of the #NeverTrump movement?

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Comments on “This New CA Poll Is Turning GOP Race Into A JOKE For Trump”

  1. JUNE says:

    Washington, D.C. seems to be just a playground where men and women get together to see just how far they can exploit the liberal agenda. They also make promises to the Republicans that they know they won’t keep. It’s time to get down to real business and make these Senators and Reps do the job they’re being paid to do-to represent their constituents who want this country to be fully committed to saving what BHO has lost. Let’s get to work!!!!!