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New, Explosive Phil Robertson Video Might Force ‘Duck Dynasty’ Off the Air (WATCH)

Phil Robertson is a Christian, and a man of principle. Holding onto those principles once resulted in the temporary cancellation of ‘Duck Dynasty’ from cable TV. But his latest comments are sure to stir up even more trouble!

This time, he is talking about safe sex. If you practice the teachings of the Bible, and wait until marriage to have sex, you will not contract an STD.

The Bible says one man, one woman… They can procreate, fill the earth with offspring. You need to stay together just like that.


You know what those two will never have? They will never have a sexually transmitted disease. You know why? They keep their sex between the two of them and they can’t catch a sexually transmitted disease.

He conceded that such diseases could come from a blood transfusion. He said this is an example of how the ‘masters of exception’ will do anything to counter a moral, Christian message.

“I’ll give you that,” he told the “masters of exception” who would counter his Bible-based message. “But you say, ‘Is it rare?’ It is very, very rare.”

Do you stand with Phil Robertson and the teachings of Jesus Christ? Please share this message and get the word out!

H/T: Western Journalism



  1. Pat says:

    Keep up the good work Phil, This world needs more who believe in the word of God. Who live it daily and don’t make it up to suit their life styles. God Bless you Phil and your Family.

  2. Darcie says:

    UM… 1st: Bravo!!! Spiritual beliefs and belief in God’s word is ALWAYS good. 2nd: If anyone is stupid enough to take Duck Dynasty off the air because there is honest Christian beliefs & one states their beliefs, it shows the lack of spiritual belief & biblical teaching in values within the company backing the shows. 3rd: This is still the United States of America. There is constitutional rights to spiritual beliefs AND freedom of speech. If there is anyone who has a problem with one expressing their spiritual beliefs with their right to freedom of speech, a company that produces a television show about the family needs to keep quiet, as it is not in their contract to force the family members to silence their beliefs.

  3. Kathy says:

    Right on Phil.

  4. Diane says:

    I didn’t hear anything wrong with what he said! He’s preaching straight from the Bible….believe it or not.

  5. Proud says:

    Umm, what did he say wrong?? Sick of Phil being dragged through the mud just because he’s Christian and he quotes from the bible! Yes, I’m Hispanic and I love the Robertson’s! Shocking!

  6. Victoria says:

    Absolutely! He is preaching from the Bible.

  7. JoaLeifes says:

    Why does it upset people when Phil tells the truth? All he is doing is telling the truth, according to the Bible.

  8. Ron says:

    Right on Phil